Steelbird Launches Helmet with Visor Which Changes Colors

Steelbird SA-1 Aeronautics helmet price starts at Rs 2999 and varies with the visor you choose…

Continuing to expand its range, Steelbird has launched a new helmet called as SA-1 Aeronautics. It comes with NACA disc Airflow technology which Steelbird says is favoured in Racing car designs and aircrafts!

There are two NACA inlets above the shield which takes in fresh air inside the helmet and NACA inlets at the rear allows extraction of bad air (so why are they not calling them outlets?). The SA-1 helmet comes with replaceable interiors and has been designed to reduce air drag.

The most noticeable bit about the helmet is the number of visor offerings. You get an option to chose from a wide range of visors ranging from Night vision, Iridium coated, smoke visor and seven others.

Among these they have specifically mentioned about the Photochromatic visor which changes colours according to the availability of light on the road. During the day time the visor remains smoky and turns into clear vision once it is dark.

Steelbird SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet Price

SA-1 helmetRs 2999-5999
Steelbird helmet

This is a wide price range and varies with the kind of visor you choose. Steelbird has on offer both metallic and matt colour options in Battle Green, Desert Storm, Maroon, Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Moon Yellow, Royal Brown etc.

You can buy this helmet at Steelbird’s outlets as well as its online store. Few days back they also made noise by launching a handsfree helmet which allows you to listen to songs and answer calls (more details).