Steelbird SBA-1 Hands Free Helmet Launched: Now Enjoy Music/Attend Calls

Apart from some innovative features, SBA-1 Hands Free helmet price has also been kept competitive by the brand…

Indian helmet maker Steelbird is really going all guns blazing. Apart from working on bringing an international brand to India (more details), they are also adding innovative features to their own helmets and their latest launch is something real interesting.

SBA-1 HF, as it is called as, comes with a hands free system which allows you to listen to songs and/or attend important calls.

It connects to your phone via an AUX cable and hence it is compatible with almost all the cellphones available in the country. Here are some interesting features it comes loaded with…

SBA-1 Hands Free Features

  • The system is battery less and comes with a dedicated physical button for call connect/disconnect.
  • It comes with noise cancellation through single directional microphone and has access to Google assistant.
  • To make it weather-proof Steelbird has lent it a waterproof mechanism and the system gets IP5 water resistant parts.
  • The good thing is that the speakers inside the helmet do NOT have the noise cancellation feature which allows you to hear the external sounds of oncoming vehicles, horns, ambulance sirens etc.
  • Moreover, the microphone in the helmet is single actuator microphone which means that only the voice of the rider will be transmitted to the other party filtering the sound of air and traffic around.
SBA-1 Hands Free Helmet Price

According to the brand, the SBA-1 HF is designed after two years of rigorous research and development and the whole ecosystem is made in such a way that it provides convenience but keeping the rider safe at all times.

SBA-1 Hands Free Helmet Price

Steelbird is offering the hands free helmet in three colours Red, Black and White and in head sizes from 58 cm to 60 cm.

Steelbird SBA-1 HF PriceRs 2589

In terms of other features, the helmet is equipped with air intake in the chin guard, front and top and there are two outlets at the rear to vent out the internal air. SBA-1 HF gets Polycarbonate Anti Scratch Coated Visor and a quick release visor mechanism.

It is available at Steelbird outlets in your city and if you want to order it online, you can get it at Steelbird’s official website.