International BLAUER Helmets Coming to India: To Cost Between 10,000 to 50,000

Blauer Helmet launch in India scheduled for early next year but international sales will commence soon…

It is worth applauding how Steelbird, an Indian helmet manufacturer, is getting really aggressive in a niche where we are not regarded internationally as the best in quality. They have been making motoring stuff under their own brand till now and in a strategic move they have partnered with Blauer helmets which sell helmets and other stuff in America and Europe.

Who is Blauer?

Blauer HT is owned by Blauer World Fashion Srl which are into the business of manufacturing and marketing helmets, clothing apparels, sneakers and accessories in Italy. And they export these to Europe and America.

The brand has an 82 year old history and they have been supplying technical garments to all police forces and selected sectors of the army, US Navy officers, or special bodies to protect the White House in Washington in America.

Key Pointers

Here are a few quick pointers about the partnership…

  • Through this tie-up Steelbird will be manufacturing Blauer helmets in India.
  • With this they will have the Steelbird brand for mass market products and Blauer for the premium customers.
  • Apart from supplying them to Blauer for worldwide distribution, Steelbird will sell these helmets in India under the Blauer tag. Indian retail sales will be handled exclusively by Steelbird.

Steelbird will soon unveil a new range of these helmets and they also disclose that all the R&D and designing will be done in Italy.

Blauer Helmet Launch India

Steelbird will launch Blauer helmets in India early next year (2019), however, internationally these India-made helmets will be introduced around October-November period this year. Mr Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director Steelbird, also reveals that helmets under the Blauer HT tag will be retailed from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000.

We have been using Steelbird’s SBA 2 helmet for some months now and so far it has stood well. Moreover, it is an eyeball-grabber on the road…

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Steelbird also has plans to introduce Blauer clothing apparels and accessories in India. For this they will import the stuff from the parent brand and will take care of local distribution. Upon a quick online check we see a fairly decent range of Blauer helmets which are ECE approved.