SPIED: Proof That Suzuki’s Quarter Liter 250cc Inazuma Has Reached Dealerships

If you, for some unearthly reason, have booked with Suzuki to buy their Inazuma GW250, you can go collect it from your dealership on or after 27 January 2013.

Suzuki-Inazuma-GW250-Dealer-Spy-Pic (2)

Just a word of caution though. After you are done riding the bike, you might want to park it back at the dealership before you go home. I got this foreboding, you see, that if you ride it back home with you, you might have a difficult time explaining to people there why you have spent almost (speculated) Rs 3.5 lakh of your hard earned on a Hunk lookalike.

Suzuki Inazuma just doesn’t look right. If it was 1980s, one would not mind being seen astride one of these, but this is 2014 for God’s sake.

Suzuki-Inazuma-GW250-Dealer-Spy-Pic (3)

Inazuma’s 248 cc fuel-injected, parallel-twin produces around 26 bhp and 24.4 Nm and all of this is transmitted using a 6-speed gearbox. The bike weighs a hefty 182 Kg and one wonders if the power and torque would be sufficient for anything bordering a spirited ride. It has got disc breaks, on both wheels, if you are ticking features. And also LCD speedo, twin trip meters and service interval reminders. The single shock absorber at the rear have seven different settings. Oh, it almost slipped my mind, it got 2 wheels.

Suzuki-Inazuma-GW250-Dealer-Spy-Pic (4)

The bikes have started arriving at dealerships as these spyshots , courtesy Indianautosblog.com and the launch is slated for January 27, which is when deliveries will also reportedly commence.

Does ride and handling make up for the outdated look of the bike? We don’t know. Maybe it does. I personally would not be too optimistic about that.

Suzuki-Inazuma-GW250-Dealer-Spy-Pic (1)

Really Suzuki, we expect more from you. This is a very feeble attempt on your part. Hope you got better things for the near future.

PS: All this is written expecting the current reports of its insane price tag of around Rs 3.5 OTR!

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