Smaller Pulsar CS200 (Cruiser Sports) Hinted; CS400 NOT Launching This Year

So, Bajaj’s new RS200 will continue to be the company’s flagship model for some more time. You may have read a few rumours that Bajaj may launch the CS400, the very very interesting Cruiser Sports motorcycle showcased at the Auto Expo 2014, sometime this year, however, Eric Vas, President of Bajaj’s Motorcycle business has confirmed, in an interview at Autocarpro, that they have scheduled ONLY a single Pulsar launch for the remaining part of the year and that he said is coming very soon.

If you are unaware, that Pulsar for this year is the new Pulsar NS150 that Bajaj will be launching shortly which will share the naked credentials from the Pulsar 200NS and the engine from the new Pulsar AS150. Expect it to be priced at some thousand bucks lesser than the Adventure 150!


If you were waiting for either the 400CS or the 400SS, they will make the recipe sometime for next year. This goes with Rajiv Bajaj’s earlier statement when he confirmed the CS400’s launch within this financial year. This essentially means we are looking at a time period of sometime around March 2016. However, if you got disappointed by the news, here is something to cheer you up…

Pulsar NS150 is coming soon. Click pic for details

In the same interview, Eric Vas also said

Cruiser is a very interesting segment to be in and certainly it is one area we are looking at. I don’t want to specify what form it will take, what cubic capacity it will take. That’s because of our assessment of the market. Just like we showed a faired version of the 400cc Pulsar and we launched the 200cc variant.

This is a clear indication that there may be smaller ‘CS’ badged sports cruiser motorcycles, lesser than the 375cc showcased at the Auto Expo. So..yes, a natural outcome one can think is a CS200 bearing the same engine of the RS200 with the looks of the CS400. If you read closely, it also hints at the possibility of some changes to the design and remember Pulsar CS400 was shown as a ‘Concept’!

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Guess, we only have Bajaj to look upto if we are talking about affordable cruisers….others are just not there….