Simple Energy File Trademarks For 12 Names In India; Accelerated Launches in 2023??

Simple Energy 12 filed patent names indicate the company’s push to add more EV products in the coming months & years…

Simple Energy have filed trademarks for not one, but twelve names in India. These new names could be used as names of new EV products from the company or a class of products planned to be unveiled in the coming months and years. 

Looking at such a large number of trademarks, it appears that Simple is setting up the base for their future products and/or platforms of products. The filed trademarks from Two to Ten are unnamed and can be swapped with the particular name of the product or the platform the company will plan to introduce in the future. 

However, some non-numerical names have also been mentioned on the filed trademarks. Simple Energy have applied for Gravity, Vision and Vision25 names in addition to the numerical names. These could be names of the next EV products after the delayed deliveries of the Simple One electric scooter will commence next year. 

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Of the 12 names that have been applied by the company, only 3 names have received the nod from the authorities –  The Simple Six, Eight & Nine. Interestingly, they have also applied for a tagline – Be The Change – which has also received passed certification from the authority. 

Speaking of the deliveries of the Simple One electric scooter, they are delayed till Q1 2023 yet again. Simple Energy have recently announced the delay in the commencement of deliveries of their One electric scooters. They have pushed the deliveries to Q1 2023, i.e. anywhere from January to March 2023. 

The reason stated by Simple Energy for this further delay of 3 months is the new battery safety guideline introduced recently by MoRTH. Simple Energy says that their decision to delay the delivery will allow them to ensure that the Simple One electric scooter complies with the new safety standards. Do note, the reason for previous delays cited by the company was also safety concerns. 

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