Over 70% People Expect BMW G310 R to Undercut Duke 390? Poll Results

BMW G310R Price – Its international placement and Indian manufacturing gives us a sense of where should they place it here…

Update: Now Launched

BMW launched G310R, their smallest motorcycle in United States at $4,750 which equates to about 3.25 Lakh in INR. In comparison, arch-rival KTM Duke 390 is sold at $4,999 (INR 3.43 lakh).

Even in the UK market BMW has placed G310R under Duke 390 in terms of pricing. G310R is being made in India by TVS Motors at their Chennai plant and exported to markets like USA and UK which attract additional duties in those countries. However, once BMW starts selling it in India, there is no question of such extra taxes.

And that brings us to the question – Where should BMW place its G310R in India now that we are moments away from its official launch? Let us talk more…

KTM and BMW are arch-rivals in the European market and they have often been seen bettering each others sales to clinch that title of “Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer”. Having said that, as per media reports, KTM has gotten an upper hand of late majorly because of its small capacity motorcycles like (Duke and RCs) which is what BMW wants to counter.

So Can BMW price G310R under or around Duke 390 in India?

The answer should be fairly simple – Why NOT? Reasons…? Take 3!

  • It is being manufactured here in India (just like Duke 390) so there is no question of import/excise duties and other taxes which are always the main pricing concern for CBUs and CKDs.
  • In terms of specs and features, Duke 390, as you already know, outguns the German by a fairly big margin. Both of them are single cylinder motorcycles so the complexity is at par.
  • Quality? If you argue that it will come with BMW-trademark quality etc… let us understand that it is being made by Indian TVS, similar to Bajaj-KTM alliance. So, quality can be expected to be at par with what the Duke is offering or if BMW is hell bent on quality control, only marginally better.

If truth be spoken, this has never happened earlier. Whenever there was a Duke 390 competitor, its price was high because either it was CBU or (most often) a CKD/dual-cylinder motorcycle (which is definitely more complex to make).

BMW G310 GS pic
They can place sibling G310GS over it comfortably

The only point favouring BMW is that they do not have the economies of scale. In the case of Duke, they share body parts, frames, engines with not only other KTM siblings but also with Bajaj resulting in lesser overall costs. It will now be a similar case with BMW-TVS as the first motorcycle on this platform Apache 310 is already on the roads, doing fairly well (read its review).

G310 R vs G310 GS – List of 8 Differences

So, what according to your opinion should be the the price of G310R? Do cast your opinion in the following poll. Let us have a final shot and see who is the closest. Also check what is the generic expectation till now…

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