Speed & Scrambler 400 Offered With 5 Year Warranty FREE; RSA Introduced

Scrambler and Speed 400 warranty period of five years at no extra cost is like a free gift from Triumph. You can also avail RSA at very low cost…

So, if the price of the new Triumph 400s left you is disbelief, here is more. Bajaj, which is taking care of the complete manufacturing, sales and distribution of Triumph motorcycles in India, has revealed another interesting bit at the recent media ride of the Scrambler 400X.

Both the Speed 400 as well as the Scrambler 400X are now offered with five year warranty. So, apart from the 2 year standard warranty, you also get 3 year extended warranty at no extra cost. Couple this with 16,000km/1 year service interval and what you get is terrific value for the kind of money you put in – for a motorcycle of this size and capability.

speed 400 warranty

Roadside Assistance Launched

Bajaj has also officially announced that it will offer Roadside Assistance for these Triumph 400s and you just need to pay Rs 500 to avail this service. This is a 24×7 cover that is operational all 365 days a week. Bajaj promises it will take care of your motorcycle in case of a breakdown anywhere in India.

Official Triumph Scrambler 400X Deliveries Timeline Revealed

Just to reiterate, the Speed 400 costs Rs 2.33 Lac which is lesser than any of its direct or indirect rival and the Scrambler 400X, that gets a tag of Rs 2.63 Lac, again comes at a very attractive price tag. And when you add this with the 5-year warranty, long service interval, low-priced RSA, it becomes an even better deal.

We have tested both the roadster and its scrambler sibling and while the Speed 400’s review is live, we are about to share our views on the Scrambler 400X as well, very soon.