Royal Enfield vs Jawa Sales – How Big is the Difference?

Royal Enfield vs Jawa sales comparison – This is now possible with the monthly vehicle registration data being made available to the media…

With so much of euphoria around it, there is a common belief that Jawa is doing ‘well’. There was no contradiction to it since it (Classic Legends – the owner of Jawa brand) simply stopped sharing sales numbers with the world (it did so after the initial 2-3 months). There was no reason given and the company only said that it will share them at the right time.

However, since FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations) started releasing monthly Vehicle Registration Data to the media, we have a whiff of how many are getting delivered. Here is the data for Jawa for the last two months in comparison with the corresponding months last year.

Jawa Sales August 2020


So, as you can see, with insane waiting periods of upto 8-10 months, Jawa was doing sales of only 1000-1500 units even last year – ie before COVID stuck us. This year’s numbers are lower than them but that could be because of COVID-led disruptions.

This suggests that Jawa has not been able to sort its production issues completely. With these figures, it is only above premium manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Triumph, BMW and others which play in very niche areas with costly motorcycles.

And if you think that Jawa vs Royal Enfield is some battle, here are Royal Enfield’s numbers for August!

Royal Enfield vs Jawa Sales
The problem with Royal Enfield is that most of its sales are concentrated on this single model – Classic 350

Royal Enfield August 2020 Sales

August 2019August 2020
48,627 units35,105 units

Yes, T-H-A-T is the difference between these two makers which target broadly the same customer set.

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But we still believe that Jawa has the potential to do a lot higher numbers than what its current sales trend shows. It is only about two years old in the market and has made a mark in the country. With proper production plans and a little less of promises, the new Jawa can really be a great sales success…

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Note – This is the actual vehicle registration data for the respective months collated in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. It reveals numbers from 1242 RTOs (out of 1450 RTOs in the country). It excludes figures from AP, AN, MP, LD & TS since these states have not moved to Vahan 4 yet.