Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Could Arrive On August 7; Might Come In 2 Variants

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 launch date confirmation means that there will be a clash with the Honda launch scheduled for August 8…

So, after taking their sweet time testing the bike and making their fans wait for so long, Royal Enfield have revealed the date of arrival of their much-awaited entry-level roadster – Hunter 350 – on August 7 i.e. Sunday – according to some sources.

We have reported earlier that there were some strong rumours that Royal Enfield could be launching the Hunter 350 on or around August 8. However, days before RE could confirm the date, Honda pulled the trigger earlier and sent out ‘Block You Date; and invitations for their new ‘The Formidable’ event. This must have forced RE to reconsider the date and shift it to a day earlier – August 7. 

The launch date being so close is also supported by the sight of Hunter 350 units reaching dealerships. Just a few days ago, we shared the image of 2 Hunter 350 units parked in the dealership lot. 

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This captured image shows 2 Hunter 350 units parked side by side, carrying some elements different from each other – hinting that maybe the upcoming Hunter 350 could be offered in 2 variants. 

The most prominent differences we can see between the two models are the tank design (one being covered by protective wrapping) and the use of spoke wheels on one unit while the other utilising alloy wheels. The uncovered tank sports use of a single-tone silver finish with Red coloured branding while on the 2nd unit the fuel tank is covered, but we can peek a dual-tone paint scheme through the covering. 

Powering the Hunter 350 will be the staple 349 cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine shared by Meteor 350 & Classic Reborn, which produces 20.2 HP at 6,100 RPM and 27 Nm of torque at 4,000 RPM, connected to a 5-speed constant mesh transmission. It is highly unlikely that Hunter 350 will receive any performance tweaks. 

But, a product launch on Sunday?? A weird day to launch a motorcycle, that too before the launch of another motorcycle the very next day… Are we seeing a hint of growing rivalry/competition here??

Or, are they poking fun at each other??