RE Applies Trademark for Two New Names – Flying Flea & Roadster

Royal Enfield Flying Flea and Roadstser – these two sub-brands may spawn new motorcycles in the future as the company is securing them…

Royal Enfield is doing a lot to ensure it reverses its continuous slide in sales. Apart from tightening its much needed quality control, it has opened small touchpoints across the nation for a deeper reach. And most importantly, it has plans to introduce new products in a lineup which, is now considered to be old and repetitive by many customers.

Royal Enfield has filed trademarks for two new names with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) – ‘Flying Flea’ and ‘Roadster’. For both the names, it says it will be using them for motorcycles, their parts, fittings and clothing.

This is not the first time we are hearing the ‘Flying Flea’ from the Chennai-based maker. Back in 2018, it introduced a special limited edition Classic Pegasus which was based on ‘Flying Flea’.

Flying Flea was a small 125cc, two-stroke motorcycle by Royal Enfield. It was used during wars and owing to its extremely light weight of 59 kg (wet) only, it could be dismantled and lifted and transported to various battlefield operations. You can read more details of Flying Flea here.

So, the new-gen Flying Flea could be a lightweight motorcycle which could be an inspiration from the older Flying Fleas. RE recently introduced the roadster Interceptor 650 which is doing wonderfully well in terms of sales.

Royal Enfield Flying Flea
The Roadster name may be used on a similar motorcycle like Interceptor

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It may use this ‘roadster’ brand for another similar type of motorcycle but this time it may be a single cylinder, cheaper version. Add to this, the two brand names it had registered earlier – Sherpa and Hunter, speculations of ‘Explorer’ and ‘Meteor’ – we have a big bouquet of what could possibly be the upcoming motorcycles from Royal Enfield.

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Either of these names could be used on the recently spied mysterious Royal Enfield motorcycle and the other ones that are on test.

Source – EUIPO 1 & EUIPO 2 via Rideapart