Maximum of Our Customers Are Young & Tech Savvy: Royal Enfield CEO

Royal Enfield to embrace digital – may conduct online launches along with various other programs, to reach out to customers and prospects…

Royal Enfield is one manufacturer that is a cut above the rest, at least in terms of its capability to sell insane number of motorcycles costing Rs 2 Lakh and above. No other manufacturer is even remotely close to the might that the Chennai based maker has achieved. Many extremely popular makers have tried to snatch a pie of Royal Enfield’s share but so far none of them has been very successful.

But it is also a fact that probably owing to brand fatigue and/or redundancy in the models, Royal Enfield is losing out on sales and customer interest gradually. Seeing this the very dynamic Siddharth Lal roped in Vinod Dasari, an ex-Ashok Leyland veteran, as the CEO of the company recently. Vinod has sketched out a comprehensive revival strategy and it consists of 360 degree action plans in almost all spheres of motorcycle selling.

But like others, RE also finds itself in crisis during these lockdown days when the whole country has come to a standstill! But Mr Dasari is hopeful of a positive outcome from the pent up demand that, he believes, will be created.

Royal Enfield Digital launches
RE’s upcoming launches may be digital…

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In an interview, he revealed that the company is planning to pay special focus on digital. This will include digital launches, digitised buying processes and connecting with prospect and existing customers with online user engagement programs and tools.

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He also says that the major portion of Royal Enfield’s sales include urban customers who are young and less than 30 years of age. He adds that they are tech savvy and by leveraging digital platforms, the brand has better chances of negating the effect of the current downturn – probably better than few other players.

Source – Economic Times