All New Royal Enfield Meteor 350 – in Five Quick Pointers

RE Meteor 350 launch is very soon – as soon as the Coronavirus scare subsides. We summarize the Meteor story uptil now in quick points…

In order to strike a comeback, Royal Enfield is working on a lot of new motorcycles, apart from the Bharat Stage 6 compliant versions of the existing range. The first one is absolutely ready and it has been spotted uncamouflaged very recently. Let us quickly summarize it for you..

New Brand

Meteor is the name! Royal Enfield has resurrected its Meteor brand name again. It used to sell a motorcycle under this sub brand back in the 1950s.

Meteor 350 launch
Here is the brand name

Capacity & New Engine

What capacity engine is Royal Enfield working on was a point of conjecture uptil now. However, that sticker on the side panels ‘Meteor 350’ confirms that this will be a similar capacity motor as the current pushrod engine. However, I believe it will be all new (or significantly new) with latest technologies like Single Overhead Camshaft, etc. Owing to similar capacity, the new engine will, most probably, replace the current older motor (which has also been upgraded to BS6) in due coarse of time.

The company will want to ensure it (the new engine) retains most of the ‘old-school’ characteristics of the existing motor but realistically, we would want it to be better in performance and refinement. Power, torque and other specs are not known at this point

The Motorcycle

There is no big surprise here as the design adheres to the traditional Royal Enfield styling pedigree! It sports a classic circular headlamp which will come with traditional bulbs. There are split seats, alloy wheels, flatter handlebar and forward set footpegs. The instrumentation appears to have gone digital. There is no kick starter visible in these pics. Another big change is the new double cradle chassis.

Meteor 350 launch
Spy pics credit – Mad Biker

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Other Details

The motorcycle in these pics is sporting a flashy yellow color theme which we have already seen on the Thunderbird X series. The Meteor 350 will definitely replace the Thunderbird 350X. It remains to be seen if RE shuts the Thunderbird brand down completely.

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Meteor 350 Launch

The Meteor 350 looks completely launch ready. In fact, these pics are reportedly from its promo shoots which means that this is the final production version that will hit the markets. Now, considering the current lockdown due to COVID-19, there may be a delay but it will be announced anytime soon after.