Himalayan, 650 Twins to be Assembled in Argentina; First Time Out of India

Royal Enfield Argentina plant will be the company’s first CKD facility out of India. It will produce three important motorcycles for local distribution…

Royal Enfield has announced its new assembly plant in Argentina. This will be the first production facility for the company in the recent history that will make motorcycles out of India.

Royal Enfield, which dreams of becoming a leader in the mid-size motorcycle space, ventured in Argentina in March 2018 with its first store in Vicente Lopez in Buenos Aires. In two years, it has grown its retail network to five exclusive stores in the country apart from the 31 exclusive and 40 other retail outlets in complete Latin America.

RE’s partner in Latin America is Grupo Simpa which also distributes its motorcycles in the area. The local assembly plant in Argentina is located at Campana, Buenos Aires. Initially, three of the latest motorcycles will be manufactured at this plant – Himalayan, Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. Production will start from this month onwards.

Royal Enfield Argentina plant
RE conducted an event announcing the local assembly plant in Argentina. This program was attended by Aregentina’s President Alberto Fernandez

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On this occasion, Vinod Dasari, CEO of the company said,

Royal Enfield has been working steadily to grow and expand the middleweight motorcycling segment globally and also to increase our footprint in important global markets. Over the last couple of years, we have grown our international presence significantly and now have wide retail presence across 60 countries. With a strategic view to cater to growing demand and to gain significant market advantage, we have been pursuing our plans to set up local assembly units across specific markets in the Asia Pacific region and across South America. In the first of these, we are very happy to announce the first CKD assembly plant in Argentina.

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Royal Enfield describes Brazil, Colombia and Argentina as three of its important markets in Latin America. It has presence in as many as 60 countries across the world with 660 dealerships.