Revealed: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Dyno Power Figures

After a long and curious wait, we have Kawasaki ZX25R’s power figures at the dyno. However, crank numbers are still a mystery!

Despite revealing many exciting bits about the motorcycle in recent months, Kawasaki has kept the power figures of the supersports quarter liter a secret! However, it looks like the cat is finally out of the bag; not entirely but we sure have a ballpark number – through the dyno figures of the bike!

We recently ran a story covering the announced price of the bike and its pre-booking details in New Zealand. You can read about it here. Now, we hear, courtesy of an Indonesian blog, that the motorcycle churns out a hefty 41.4 hp at 15,350 rpm and a peak torque of 20.8 Nm at 12,700 rpm (dyno figures).

kawasaki zx25rs power

Sources claim that exhaust maker – Akrapovic accidentally shared a sheet that revealed the dyno figures of the bike equipped with one of their exhausts, in comparison to the motorcycle equipped with its stock exhaust. The company has now, however, taken the data off their website.

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kawasaki zx25rs power

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Talking about power figures, one thing that we should note is that the specifications listed are the dyno figures, which are generally about 10-15 percent lower than the ones recorded at the crank of the engine. It is because of the frictional and transmission losses in power before it reaches the rear wheel. Thus, we expect the actual power figures to be even higher – they may hover around 45-47 hp – yes, more than 390 Duke and around sibling Ninja 400!

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– Moin Ahmed

Source: TMC Blog