Kawasaki NZ Clears – Can NOT Expect ZX25R to Cost Equal to Ninja 400/650

Newly revealed Kawasaki ZX25R pricing is a hot talking point among bikers. We share Kawasaki’s word on this…

Well, how many four cylinder 250cc motorcycles do we have in the world currently? One! How many four cylinder quarter liter motorcycles have been produced so far? Very few! There is a reason to it.

Making a small four cylinder engine is costly and there is not a very big market for it. In markets like Indonesia, India etc where small capacity motorcycles are accepted, people immediately start comparing their prices with equivalent single or dual cylinder quarter liters. And in developed markets, 250cc motorcycles, however potent, are not generally bought (they are considered ‘small’). This is a very clear reason why not many manufacturers make such machines.

However, in order to offer something unique to bikers of nations like Indonesia and others, Kawasaki went ahead and produced what looks like a stonker of a machine – the ZX-25R. It is after almost 30 years that Kawasaki is making such an engine again! And the motorcycle has found its first market (New Zealand) where the pricing has been revealed for the first time. In that small country, the motorcycle has been priced at $15,990 which is around Rs 7.80 Lakh in INR or about USD 10,500 levels (more details).

As we have mentioned earlier, it is costlier than all the Ninja 650 variants and even the 2019 Z900 used to cost this much in that country. Quite naturally, bikers in New Zealand are surprised and calling it extremely steep. Here are a few reactions from the Kawasaki NZ Facebook page.

  • $16,000+??????? For a 250cc 😂😂 am I reading this right?
  • You can get a litre bike for less money than that. If you must have an entry level ride then don’t spend over $5000 on something your gonna get alot of scratches on.
  • who will pay 15590 dollar dor 250 cc bike, it sick as hell.
  • And this is why 250s and 600s are losing popularity, you can get a litre bike for almost the same money.
  • 16k. Is it two for one?!

In its official press note announcing the opening of the pre-bookings of the motorcycle, Kawasaki has cleared that..

As the production costs of a motorcycle with 4 cylinders that shares much of the same features as the larger ZX-6R and ZX-10R models are high, Kawasaki NZ as a distributor simply cannot offer the track-inspired model at Ninja 400 or Ninja 650 value as many suggested.

Kawasaki ZX25R pricing
Kawasaki is calling it a track machine…

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Kawasaki has also cleared that it is difficult for them to ascertain demand for such a bike since there is no equivalent out there, it is not stocking it in dealerships. And hence, it has opened pre-bookings for interested bikers, who accept its pricing and be happier about the exclusivity and the track-oriented fun it will come with.

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It added that the company felt it was fair to allow interested customers a chance to get this exciting motorcycle. This is a win-win situation for everyone – customers get their desired, exclusive motorcycle whereas Kawasaki also does not end up stocking more than the demand.