Results of Ownership Review Contest No.7

The much awaited result of the ownership review contest No.7 is here. Many would have already guessed who comes first because it was so obvious from the review and the poll results. The rest of it is going to be a surprise…

I had a hard time deciding the 2nd and 3rd prizes. After so much thought and discussion with my team members, this is the result I have arrived. More than 3 prizes. 6 Prizes!

First Prize – Yamaha R15 Review by Manish Singh

This one was expected by all. Many commented that this was the best review on BikeAdvice published till date. I too agree with that. The USP of this review is pure passion towards the machine. The forth pic in the article speaks a million words. Congrats Manish!

Second Prize – Suzuki GS150R Review by Ramprasath

This review was a complete review with a lot of photos and the USP of this review was the explanatory text on the images. This is something new for a ownership review and it shows that the author has taken an extra effort for the reader’s pleasure. This article too has received a great response. Congrats Ram!

Third Prize – Apache RTR Review by Shreejith

Again, this was a complete review covering all the points one needs to know when he is considering to buy that bike. Lots of quality images, lots of passion towards the machine and an extra effort to make the article more readable is well noted by us. Congrats Shreejith!

Special Prize No.1 – Yamaha RD350 Review by Clayton

This kind of a review was unexpected. I have no words to express what I feel. Mind blowing-ly passionate and extremely well written. It deserves the special prize and special recognition. Congrats Clayton!

Special Prize No.2 – Yamaha FZ16 Review by Prateek

Just like the previous review, this one was not the regular ‘all points covered’ kind of review. It was unique and passionate, so this one too gets a special recognition. Congrats Prateek!

Special Prize No.3 – Discover DTS-Si 100cc Review by Suraj

Again, this review needs a special recognition because of the mind blowing language and writing style. However, if this review had more photos it could have come under the top 3. Congrats Suraj!

Please note that the special prizes are not in order. These articles don’t compete, they simply are unique in their own way.

You can find the links to all the contest entries here.

Information to Winners

Please send an email to [at] with the following details:

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We will send you these cool bikes to your door step via courier.

Thank You all for participating! Stay tuned to BikeAdvice for more exciting contests!