BikeAdvice Ownership Review Contest No.7 (3 Prizes!)

Just as promised we are going to conduct a lot of ownership review contests for the year 2011. And the contests will be more exciting than ever because we are going to give away 3 prizes for every contest from now on. So you have better chances of winning if your article is almost as good as the winning entry. The first prize is a cool Ninja ZX 10R. It is a 1:12 scale model.

The second and third prizes are 1:18 Scale models. They too have a working side stand, handle bars and shocks. And they also come with a stand which is detachable.

Rules & Details of the Contest

  • Write a review of the bike you own, or a friend’s bike which you have spent time with.
  • The review should be passionate and entertaining for us readers. It can help us choose our next bike, or just a enjoyable read.
  • The article should be at least 300 words long.
  • Send us the article as an attachment to the following email ID in .doc or .txt format. If you have pictures, attach them separately – do not put it inside a Word .doc file. If the pictures are too large, you can put it in a zip file, upload it in or similar file hosting service and send us the download link.
  • Put the subject like this Contest Entry: <bike name> review by <your name>.

Tips for Winning

  • Write passionately. Have a personal touch. Talk about you than just the bike.
  • People like to connect with bikers, not bikes. Get a lot of comments. Ask people to leave comments at the end of the article.
  • Take extra effort to get good photos of your bike.
  • Make the article long, but not boring. 1000+ word articles have better chance of Winning.

Winner will be selected based on a combination of various criteria such as comments, writing style, Facebook likes and a personal review by me.