Out of nowhere 2018 Karizma ZMR price was updated at the official website which announced the re-arrival of the motorcycle in India. But the question is – WHY?

What has just happened is something which even the top Hero officials will have no clue about! Hero has launched an established failed model, yet again in the market – without an iota of change. After discontinuing the Karizma twins from the domestic market in 2016, Hero kept on producing the full faired Karizma ZMR for some international markets. They went on to showcase an update at the recently concluded Auto Expo in February. And it was the only discontinued model which found a place at the official website (all others were removed), however, for obvious reasons prices were not mentioned.

But in a big surprise, out of nowhere, Hero recently launched the same old Karizma at the following prices…

2018 Karizma ZMR Price

Standard variant Rs 1,08,000
Dual Tone Variant Rs 110,500

*prices ex-showroom

As you can see, there are two models listed – one is the single tone colour variant with standard self start, disc and alloys and the other one is the dual shade trim at a premium of Rs 2500.

Sales Data & Deliveries

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We checked the official SIAM data and the usual sad sales affair has continued. In the first three months of sales (ie from May to July 2018), Hero has managed to sell only 43 units of Karizma. This is about 14 units every month or not even one unit every day across India!

Just to give you a reference, Suzuki Hayabusa, which costs 13 times more than Karizma has registered sales of higher number of units!

A facebook user Raja Banerjee has posted pics of his brand new Karizma ZMR deliveries of which he took around June 10.

Many months back, we had asked Hero about the future of Karizma and they replied that “they will make Karizma fans happy…” but we are not sure if this is what they meant!

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Hero kept on display this 2018 ZMR at the Auto Expo.

As for the specs, the Karizma ZMR is listed with the same 223 cc oil/air cooled engine with fuel injection which can produce 20 bhp of peak power at 8000 rpm and 19.7 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm along with a claimed top speed of 129 kmph.

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It will be interesting to know how Hero has made the originally-Honda-sourced motor technically fit for sale. We do not see ABS which means that the company has played around the ABS rule by claiming that the product is not all-new and was continuously in production to buy few more months of existence for the motorcycle.


This is the 2016 variant which was displayed at the 2016 Auto Expo

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However, the basic question is – Why has Hero done this? Doesn’t it add weight to what we said a few weeks back (here)! More importantly – will you buy the already discarded four year old Karizma ZMR today?


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