RE to Completely Overhaul its Lineup in Five Years – Upcoming Motorcycles

No matter if their newer creations are creating a lot of issues for their customers, what Royal Enfield has been successful in doing is – gaining a lot of loyalty! But this loyalty appears to be only for their traditional retro models like Classic, Bullet etc. We are saying this because both their newer models – Continental GT as well as the Himalayan have NOT been brisk sellers.

In an interview to Motorcycle Magazine, Siddharth Lal, CEO of Royal Enfield, has announced that they will have a completely overhauled range of motorcycles within the next five years. He elaborates that majority of the core models on sale will be classic oriented and will be based on Continental GT, Classic etc. But they will also come up with differentiated models like the Himalayan.

He said that they will launch innovative motorcycles which will pertain to the requirements and preferences of their customer base.

Royal Enfield’s Upcoming Motorcycles

The most important product for them will be the new twin-cylinder Continental GT which is already on tests in India and internationally and is coming early next year. It will debut their all-new engine which is expected to be in the range of 750 cc.

Apart from this, they have already confirmedĀ a bigger’ Himalayan, which again, is expected to sport the same twin-pot motor. Classic range will be retained because it is their bread and butter, but it is also expected to gain fair bit of modern technology keeping up with the times. Apart from these, there will be newer ‘offbeat’ motorcycles as hinted.

One good thing is that Royal Enfield is offering products in niche segments – like the cafe racer or an affordable adventure tourer. But on the flip side, their quality control has gone for a toss. Looking at the kind and veracity of issues cropping up specially on the Himalayan, we believe Royal Enfield should officially announce stop sales of the adventure tourer! And more importantly, they should thoroughly test the upcoming products for any grave flaws, otherwise, even loyals can betray!

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