It Sounds Awsome: RE Teases Interceptor: Confirms 7th Nov Unveil, Almost

Royal Enfield Interceptor (rumoured name) could be the game changer for the brand…

All the way uptill now we had this question – why is Royal Enfield working on a cafe racer, yet again! This is because the CGT 535 has NOT been a brisk seller and there will hardly be anything the company will gain by making a more powerful version out of it.

And clearly Royal Enfield has an ace up its sleeve! A spy pic from FB page – Behind the Handlebar, suggested that Continental GT 750 twin may NOT (just) be a cafe racer and instead they are planning to transform it into a retro classic motorcycle on similar lines of the very beautiful Triumph Bonneville.

And in a latest teaser the head of Royal Enfield Sidharth Lal has shared a video where two motorcycles are ridden on a track and the sound is amazing! If it is the original exhaust note, we are up for a treat, for sure. However, a track and Royal Enfield do not add up. Let us hope there is a surprise in line…

Hear it up…

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Few days back, Royal Enfield’s President Rudratej Singh (Rudy) shared a pic at Twitter testing motorcycles with Siddharth Lal at RE’s UK technology center in Bruntingthorpe.

There is also a rumour that the motorcycle may be called as Interceptor.

There are three bikes in the pic. The clearmost motorcycle at the front appears to be the Bonneville-like retro classic which debuted in spy pics recently. It can be noticed in the older pic that the tank has a steep contour near the seat on the cafe racer version whereas the classic motorcycle has a smoother slope. Of what is visible in Rudy’s pic, this motorcycle appears to be a well-finished metallic-painted version of the retro version and a confirmation that RE is indeed planning to develop it.

Royal Enfield Interceptor, if it will be commercially called as, has a flat seat with a white outline and Sidharth’s helmet also reflects chrome-exhaust – which are the two new revelations

Royal Enfield Interceptor

The differences between the two models are – Classic version gets an all new Bonneville-like fuel tank along with a flat seat. It also gets raised handlebar and forward-set rider foot peg. These two alterations are done to take away that aggressive forward-biased seating posture of the cafe-racer and instead, lend it a more relaxed and convenient position for lazy cruising.

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Bonneville for reference from our Road Test. Click pic to read it

And this version is what we are waiting for. Suddenly, there is a lot of interest in the motorcycle now. Imagine a Bonneville-like supremely beautiful motorcycle, with fairly decent power (relatively speaking) and at a fraction of the cost of the Triumph! And personally speaking, I believe there may NOT be a cafe racer version at all! And it may be unveiled as early as next month!

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RE Interceptor Unveil

Sidharth Lal has also teased 7.11.17 which happens to be the opening day of this year’s EICMA and this is almost a confirmation that the motorcycle(s) will be unveiled at EICMA. Official launch is expected sometime early next year.