2017 Classic 350 Rear disc brake also gets Thunderbird’s swingarm. Similar is the case with Classic 500…Live pics of both the motorcycles added.

As was already leaked, Royal Enfield has officially announced the launch of its 2017 models of its largest selling Classic 350 as well as its elder sibling Classic 500.

Let us quickly list the new features these new models come with…

2017 Classic 350 Changes

Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey
Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey
  • Introduction of 240 mm rear disc brake. Standard models are shod with 153 mm drum brakes.
  • Carry over of swingarm of Thunderbird
  • New colour – Gunmetal Grey. The rear mudguard, fuel tank, front mudguard and side boxes are all painted in grey colour.
  • Dark tan seat from existing Classic Chrome model.

Classic 350 Rear Disc Brake

2017 Classic 500 Changes

  • New colour theme called as Stealth Black. Most of the body parts like fuel tank, mudguards, utility box, indicator housing, headlamp ring etc are painted matte black. However, the live pic shows that the exhaust is still chrome and not black according to the stuido pic.
  • It also gets the swingarm of Thunderbird.
  • And a 240 mm rear disc brake.

So, the two very important and large selling Royal Enfield models finally get rear disc brakes, however, ABS, which is offered on international-spec models, is still missing. This leaves Bullet as the only model in the portfolio devoid of the rear disc.

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2017 Classic 350 Rear Disc Brake & Classic 500 Price

Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey Rs 1,59,677
Classic 500 Stealth Black Rs 2,05,213

*prices on-road in Chennai

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A welcome addition, we must say and that stealth black Classic 500 looks stunning!

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  • Sarath Babu


    • Zeru

      It will be at least 50 years before people even realize what sound pollution means, and another 100 years before it actually gets focus. And probably in about 175 years the roads will get quieter – not because of sophistication but petrol/diesel will eventually run out and we’ll run on electric cars.

      • Jagan

        Have you ever heard HD bike sounds? It’s not only RE that have higher sound engines. HD bikes makes much higher than RE

      • Zeru

        HD bikes are not 500000 in numbers, not all concentrated in a city of 50 Sq km. Feel free to take a HD to a mountain, valley, long ride and Rev it up. When you have so many REs on road that’s where the pollution is.

      • Jagan

        Ever been to USA? Here in OHIO you will know the noise when 20 HD’s go at same time. Bike numbers differes from country to country. HD in India is low in numbers because of price. In USA, it is very different. so for me both are noise makers.

      • Sarath Babu

        brother this our India. Its Simple. RE is a sound polluter, no refined engine, no sophitication

      • Prashanth B

        more than engine, it is the horns that needs to be removed. One small update one big headache less for everyone.
        Not just RE/HD even HH, TVS, Bajaj have these miniature monster horns.

    • Prashanth B

      RE doesn’t induce sound pollution, their stock silencers are pretty non-noicy. It’s the users who have custom blaring exhaust. And, why all-caps?