Not a Single BS4 Motorcycle Available: RE Announces Only BS6 Sales from Tomorrow

Surprise surprise…. only RE BS6 motorcycle sales from tomorrow as the company exhausts complete BS4 stock – even at dealership levels…

In what comes as a big surprise, Royal Enfield has announced that it has completely exhausted its Bharat Stage 4 compliant stock of motorcycles. And it is NOT at the factory level, it says it is at the dealership level! This means that no RE dealership in the country now stocks a single BS4 compliant product.

It has added that it has cleared all inventory across channels and dealerships. Starting from tomorrow, all of its authorized dealerships will sell BS6 compliant motorcycles ONLY!

Royal Enfield first ventured into the BS6 era with its Classic 350 dual channel ABS in January 2020. From that time, it has ensured a seamless transition from BS4 to BS6. It reveals that the company planned phase-wise strategies to ensure that the production and distribution of BS4 compliant motorcycles scale down and that of its BS6 products increase.

RE BS6 motorcycle
Click pic to read all the changes in the Himalayan BS6

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It had deployed various teams for this transition which worked with the backend and frontend channel partners to ensure it exhausts its BS4 stock well ahead of time, without affecting its overall volumes much.

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So far, no other manufacturer has officially announced that it does NOT have a single BS4 product at any of its dealership. This is a welcome news amidst continuous steps from Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) seeking a relaxation in the last date for the sale and registration of BS4 vehicles, which happens to be 31st March 2020.

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Now that the maker has transitioned its existing lineup to BS6 completely, Royal Enfield will fire many new motorcycles which are already under test.