“The Money is in Royal Enfield, We Have No Choice But to Rob That Bank”, Teases Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj has, time and again, hinted at the interest he has in the Royal Enfield segment. He has spoken about it yet again..

Rajiv Bajaj, the head of Bajaj Auto, was at it again at the official launch of the Speed 400 in Pune. Somebody asked him about the mid-sized segment globally and why is everyone, including Bajaj, very interested in that?

Rajiv Bajaj first referred to Pawan Munjal’s interview couple of days ago, when he diplomatically said that more competition is merrier, and more choices for the customer. He (Rajiv), candidly, said that the reason for Bajaj’s participation, in partnership with Triumph, is very simple.

He took an example of famous American robber Willie Sutton, who, when asked why does he rob banks, said that because that is where the money is!

“So, (if) the money is in Royal Enfield (segment) then we have no choice but to rob that bank. So that is why we are making these motorcycles, in a sense”

rajiv bajaj royal enfield
Speed 400 has sent surprise waves across the country for its price and the overall product value that it brings in…

All of this was in a lighter note and later on, answering another question, Rajiv exclaimed that Siddharth (head of Royal Enfield) is like a younger brother and applauded him for taking Royal Enfield where it is right now. He said that these motorcycles that are made by Triumph and Bajaj are conceived from the global market perspective and not really targeting one single competitor (like Royal Enfield).

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He elaborated that this is for the first time that Indian customers will have the choice of two international brands, Harley Davidson and Triumph, playing in the same mindspace (of Royal Enfield).

Things have really gotten very interesting in the last few days with the entry of global biggies that have come in at unbelievable price points – and at least in India, the direct target is the Royal Enfield kind of customer. It could be the signal of a…. WAAAAR…!