Pulsar NS200 – 3 Key Features That NO Direct Rival Offers Still

I list three Pulsar NS200 features that no other rival motorcycle could match even after a decade of existence. Read on…

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 was first launched back in 2012 in India. It was called as Pulsar 200NS (NS, which stands for naked sports, was placed as a suffix after 200 – the capacity) for many years. The idea was to bring about an all new Pulsar platform on which it can transform the complete (Pulsar) range (however, that did not materialize).

Bajaj, in its zest, brought about a bike that was well ahead of its time and came with features unheard of in the segment. Only partner KTM had bikes with better specs but then it isn’t its rival. In the last decade, Bajaj carried over the same motorcycle with minor nip and tuck jobs and frankly, at one point of time, I thought it is the end of the life cycle for this model, as I have even mentioned in one of my #AskBikeadvice video.

However, the company surprised a lot of us by lending the biggest-ever update to the motorcycle very recently. It also cleared that, since this bike has a lot of demand in the export markets, it will continue to be on sale for many more years to come. With that box ticked, do you think the NS still is relevant for today’s market amidst a lot of direct competitors from TVS, Hero and others?

pulsar ns200 features
NS received a big update recently…

Well, if you think it does not, ponder over the following three big pointers…

  • Which 200cc NS rival sports liquid cooling?
  • Which 200cc NS rival gets perimeter frame?
  • Which 200cc NS rival churns phenomenal power output of more than 24 hp?

Well, apart from KTMs (that are not direct rivals of NS) you won’t find a name! Pulsar packs in a lot of character that goes along with segment best power it produces. And having ridden it recently, after a real long gap, I must say that the grunt, the feel is impeccable – so much so that – my experience of riding it was more pleasant than a lot of other motorcycles I have ridden in the last one year.

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Yes, it does come with some shortcomings but summing it up – I must say that the NS200 is one brilliant motorcycle in the 200cc segment and you can know a lot more about the latest 2023 version by watching this following video review wherein I have talked about its performance (including each gear top speed), tractability (lowest possible speeds in each gear), etc.

Tip – Increase the playback speed to 1.5X for a better experience…