Raider vs Pulsar 125 vs SP125 vs Glamour – Spec COMPARO

Raider vs Pulsar 125 vs others – we do a quick spec comparo between these sporty 125cc models to see which one is better – on paper…

The latest launch of Raider by TVS has spiced up the premium 125cc segment. With multiple choices now available in the market, it becomes a little confusing for the customers to choose the right bike.

It becomes even more difficult for them to hunt around for specs of each bike separately and make a better understanding of the product.

Let us, then, pit the Raider against the current competition which exists in the form of SP125, Pulsar 125 and Hero Glamour.

Raider vs Pulsar 125 vs Others – Spec Comparison

Engine – In terms of engine, Raider comes with an internal oil cooling mechanism whereas all others are offered with conventional air cooled systems.

Power – Pulsar and Raider are the two topmost powerful motorcycles in this segment. As compared to Pulsar, Raider churns its peak power 1000 rpm earlier.

Pulsar 125 is the most powerful motorcycle here, but it is also the heaviest…

Torque – Torque is where the Raider outperforms all others in the segment. This should be beneficial specially while riding two on the motorcycle.

Ground Clearance – Another area where Raider does good is the ground clearance of 180 mm – which is also the same size of Hero’s Glamour.

Weight – Raider weighs 19 kilos lesser than Pulsar 125 and despite the little power deficit, it should be better when we talk about power to weight ratio then. Honda’s SP125 is the lightest motorcycle here.

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Suspension – While the front shock absorbers are similar for all bikes, Raider again outdoes others by offering a gas charged monoshock. The rest of the pack comes with twin shockers.

raider vs pulsar 125
SP125 scores when it comes to light weight…

Tyres – Pulsar and Raider offer thicker rear tyres – which is broader than both SP125 and Glamour.

Fuel Tank Capacity – This is an area where SP125 and Pulsar outscore the Raider but for motorcycles of this size, a difference in the range of 70-100 kpl would hardly make much of a difference.

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Check out the following table for the numbers…

Tech SpecsTVS RaiderHonda SP125Pulsar 125Hero Glamour
Engine124.8cc Air & Oil cooled123.94cc Air Cooled124.4cc Air cooled124.7cc Air cooled
Power11.38 PS @ 7500 RPM10.87 PS @ 7500 RPM11.80 PS @ 8500 RPM10.84 PS @ 7500 RPM
Torque11.2 @ 6000 RPM10.9 @ 6000 RPM10.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm10.6 @ 6000 RPM
Ground Clearance180mm160mm165mm180mm
Kerb weight123kg116kg142kg122 kg (Drum), 123 kg (Disc)
Front SuspensionTelescopicTelescopicTelescopicTelescopic
Rear SuspensionGas-charged monoshockHydraulic twin shockTwin Gas ShockHydraulic dual Shock
Front Tyre80/100 – 17 Tubeless, 46P80/100-18 M/C 47P, Tubeless80/100 x 17 Tubeless80/100 – 18
Rear Tyre
100/90 – 17 Tubeless, 55P
80/100-18 M/C 54P, Tubeless100/90 x 17 Tubeless100/80 – 18
Front BrakeDisc- 240, Drum -130Disc 240 mm, Drum 130 mm240 mm Dia. Disc / 170 mm dia. Drum240 mm (Disc)
130 mm(Drum)
Rear Brake130 SYNCRO  SBTDrum 130 mm130 mm Dia. Drum130 mm
Fuel Capacity101111.510
BatteryMF battery, 12V 4 Ah12V, 4.0Ah12V Full DC MFMF 12V, 4 AH

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raider vs pulsar 125
Raider outscores others in most parameters…

So, that was it between these entry level premium sports motorcycles that have little inclination towards sportiness. It definitely is the Raider that looks special on paper. How does it perform on the road? Check out our following first ride review…