CB200X vs Hornet 180 – What is Different…?

CB200X vs Hornet 2.0: We list the differences as well as the similarities between the two siblings; Is the X ADV enough…?

Honda has introduced its second motorcycle on the new Chinese CB190 platform in India. Unlike Hornet 180 aka Hornet 2.0, the latest motorcycle follows a new naming convention – CB200X. Like its elder siblings, the 200X is promoted as a soft ADV.

So, how different is it from the Hornet? Let us list all the differences between these two models…

CB200X vs Hornet 180 Differences

The biggest difference comes in the form of styling. While the CB200X is styled as an ADV, the Hornet 180 is a streetfighter design. But the spec-sheet tells us that there aren’t a lot of internal differences…

  • Weight – Because of the added kit the CB200X weighs 147 kg which is a gain of 5 kilos. This may impact the performance of the motor.
  • Dimensions – The Hornet is a longer motorcycle, however, the CB200X is wider and higher. Hornet (L x W x H) – 2047mm x 783mm x 1064 mm vs CB200X (L x W x H) – 2035mm x 843mm x 1248mm.
  • Seat Length – The CB200X gets a slightly longer seat (613 mm) as compared to 590 mm of the streetfighter sibling.
  • Tyres – Although Honda has carried over the same spec (110 section front and 140 section rear) tyres on the CB200X, they differ on the pattern. To be slightly better on rougher roads – the X comes with block pattern tyres (MRF Kurve) as compared to the regular road going MRF Zappers on the Hornet 180.
  • Riding Posture – Honda has plonked a high handlebar on the CB200X and it offers a relatively relaxed rider geometry.
CB200X vs Hornet

And off coarse, Honda is charging a premium of Rs 13,318 over the Hornet for the added oomph!

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What has NOT Changed?

Well, almost everything else! Right from the engine, power and torque output, ground clearance of 167 mm, wheelbase of 1355 mm, fuel tank capacity of 12 liters, braking set-up, single channel ABS, golden colored upside down front forks, 5Ah battery and all-round LED set-up.

CB200X vs Hornet

The CB200X also carries over the same swingarm, alloy wheels, digital instrument cluster of the Hornet 180.

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So, there you have it. The looks of the new CB200X are brilliant but does it pack the required ammunition to qualify as an ADV…!