Honda CB350’s Five Features That are Absent on RE’s Classic 350

Honda CB350 vs Classic 350 – here are some key features that makes the H’ness a better package than the insane Royal Enfield seller…

Late last year Honda launched the CB350 H’ness in India which was followed by its sibling CB350RS. This is for the first time such a major manufacturer has announced direct fight against Royal Enfield in similar genre of classic motorcycles. Others have tried doing it in the past, but with no or very little success.

The H’ness looks like a promising contender against the highly popular Classic 350 from RE. The motorcycle will appeal to people who aspire to own Royal Enfields but are bothered about its quality (or the lack of it). Here are the five most prominent features of the bike that are not present on the Royal Enfield.

Honda CB350 vs Classic 350 – Honda’s Trump Cards

Honda’s Quality

Let’s accept it; along with a lot of fun, Royal Enfields do come with many niggles! The Himalayan fiasco further dented the image. So, if reliability is a concern and you do not like visiting service centers too often, you can easily bet on the CB350.

Honda is known for its quality, and the motorcycle does come with better levels of fit and finish. The engine is also a lot more refined than the Classic’s. However, Royal Enfield is already testing the new-generation Classic 350, which will get Meteor’s motor.

Phone Connectivity

Unlike its competition, the CB350 gets some modern technology on board. It is equipped with ‘Honda Smartphone Voice Control System’ (HSVCS), a complete Bluetooth ecosystem supporting features such as navigation, music playback, etc, which is not present on the Classic 350.

cb350 vs classic 350

All-LED Lighting Package

While the competition still manages with the outdated halogen bulbs for lighting, the CB350 comes with an all-LED lighting package. The headlight, tail-light, and the indicators – all get LEDs, making the bike future-proof.

cb350 vs classic 350

Torque Control

The CB350 comes with segment-first ‘selectable torque control system’. Though you may question – “Does a 30 Nm motorcycle need torque control?” but there is nothing wrong in trying it out – a nice to have feature.

Slipper Clutch

Then comes the slipper clutch! No sub-500cc production Royal Enfield comes with a slipper clutch and the CB350 is, then, a lot easier to ride with a lighter and more efficient clutch action.

cb350 vs classic 350

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Special mention to the exhaust note of the CB350 as no other competitor has been able to replicate the kind of thump that makes Royal Enfields so popular. Honda’s engineering prowess has ensured the bike is as close to being pleasantly bass-y as possible. And this exhaust note is what Honda has been heavily banking on for CB350’s promotions.

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So, will you switch to the Honda or you still feel the Royal Enfield is a better bet?

­-Moin Ahmed