This Apache 200 Churns Pulsar 200 Rivalling Power & Higher Top Speed

Race spec Apache 200 changes are skin deep and it will be a significantly quicker motorcycle…

Apart from the race-spec Apache 310, TVS has also unveiled the race-spec Apache 200 which will be used for the TVS One Make Series.

The race-spec Apache 200 is based on the commercially available Apache 200 Race Edition and comes with slipper clutch. And yes, it does not get FI and instead, TVS has continued with carb. Here are the race-spec Apache 200 changes

Race Spec Apache 200 Changes

  • Power – It produces 24 PS of peak power at 9300 rpm. In comparison the road going version churns out 20.5 PS of peak power at 8500 rpm.
  • TVS claims a top speed of 145 kph which is significantly higher than the 128 kph it claims for the regular variant.
  • The motorcycle uses 17 inch Pirelli tyres with hydraulic dampers.

  • It also gets modified camshaft
  • Retuned front and rear suspension
  • race-tuned intake and exhaust system
  • retuned carburetor
  • Optimised ignition system

As you can see, the race-spec Apache 200 belts out Pulsar 200 rivalling power but has a higher top speed (Bajaj claims 140.8 kph for Pulsar RS200) but this one would be significantly quicker off the block!

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This also, kind of, reveals what tune the Apache 200 could be increased to and future iterations of the motorcycle may see power bumps and increase in performance. We already like the current version for its agility and you can read our review here.