TVS Reveals Apache 310 Spare Prices & They are Costly!

Apache 310 Spare part prices are segment highest!

Incorrect prices of TVS Apache 310 were spread by a Youtube influencer which were also picked up by a few blogs but the company was quick to respond to that. TVS shared the correct and ‘official’ prices of a few of the common wear and tear spare parts of the motorcycle at one of their Facebook pages.

However, moments later the post was taken down and there is no trace of it at this point of time! Let us not get into why did TVS remove the post and instead quickly talk about the meat of the matter.

Apache 310 Spare Part Prices

They may not be as costly as wrongly propagated by the influencer initially, but they are costly by all standards of the segment. For instance, front forks cost about Rs 14,000 each, muffler will set you back by over 21,000, the headlamp assembly has been priced at whopping 21,000+. Among the most commonly used parts, the chain sprocket set costs 7000 and the front brake pads cost over Rs 2200.

The front levers also cost close to 1000 each and the complete price list shared by the brand adds upto nearly Rs 1.40 Lakh and it does not mention anything about the engine and its components etc.

We will try to get a list of the commonly used spare parts of its other rivals like KTM 390s and Dominar and probably share a comparison which will present a better picture. In case you own any of these motorcycles and have recently used/changed these parts do mention their prices in the comments section below.

Race Spec Apache 310 Changes
These are the Race Spec Apache 310s which come with 4 changes. Click pic for details

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And going by this, it appears that Apache 310 will be a costly motorcycle to maintain! Your views?