Exclusive – R15 vs FZ – A Surprising, Interesting Battle

A quick study of Yamaha R15 vs FZ sales numbers reveals that, despite costing almost 2 Lac, the R15 range is not going to stop…

Everything based on the R15 platform has worked for Yamaha, always! Be it the four generations of the R15 or the streetfighter MT15, all of them have been stellar sellers. The FZ range has also been a big hit but it has seen few sales duds as well (remember Fazers?).

Though they come baked in the same factory, motorcycles based on these platforms are as different as chalk and cheese and have big price differences despite being roughly around the similar displacement mark of 150cc. While the FZ is one of the least powered 150cc in the market, the R15 has no parallel when it comes to raw power, delivery as well as handling.

The FZ is placed around that 1.20-1.30 Lac mark whereas the R15 and MT15s cost about 1.60-1.90 Lac – making them the costliest prepositions in the segment. The FZs, being in the more approachable mainstream segment should sell comfortably more, right?

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Wrong! Here, check the following numbers…

Yamaha R15 vs FZ Sales Numbers

FY22 SalesFY23 Sales
FZ Range1,49,5771,93,498

As you can see, there was a fair difference of about 31,000 units in financial year 2022 that has narrowed down to almost 4000 units last fiscal between these two platforms! While the FZs added about 44,000 units, the R15/MT15 gained 70,000+ units this year – a whopping growth of almost 60 percent as compared to FZs ~30 percent markup.

R15 vs FZ
The FZ range has also seen sales growth but the R15/MT15 is going all guns blazing…!

Clearly, despite Yamaha taking prices of the R15 to pretty hefty levels, the interest in the motorcycles have remained very high. And at any run rate closer to this, the R15/MT15 could very well be the duo that could unsettle the FZs as the larger selling motorcycle platform for Yamaha in the near future and that is nothing less than a big big surprise – for everyone! This is probably the first time the R15 platform would have come so close to the FZs.

The question then is – why isn’t anyone else ready to take the plunge in this segment despite R15/MT15’s continued insane success. Shall I tag Honda with this data? Should this be reason enough for Honda to consider bringing the CBR150R to India back? Is there a room for more performance motorcycles in the near 150cc space?