Pulsar 125 – Five Segment Best Features

Pulsar 125 features list reveals the important parameters where it triumphs others in the segment.

Unlike many other attempts by Bajaj, this one – slapping the Pulsar brand on a 125cc is the most significant and probably the most aggressive of them all, in this segment. And Bajaj tells us that the ethos of the Pulsar brand ie ‘Thrill‘ have been carried over.

I won’t go overboard by calling the motorcycle ‘thrilling’ but it definitely is one of the sportiest product in this segment – which is generally known for economical but commuter motorcycles. So, let me quickly put in a few features that make the baby Pulsar stand out in the crowd..

Pulsar 125 Features

  • Design – There is nothing that has changed from the Pulsar 150 Neon, which means that Pulsar 125 is the chunkiest looking motorcycle here. In simpler words once astride, you will get a ‘big’ bike feel (as compared to most of the other 125ccs).
  • Most Powerful – From that 124.4 cc motor (which is derived from Pulsar 150’s engine and has not been lifted from Discover 125), Pulsar 125 churns out 12 PS of peak power which are segment-best numbers. New Glamour and New Super Splendor follow with 11.6 PS and 11.3 PS respectively. Pulsar produces 11 Nm of max torque which is again the highest but it shares this number with Hero’s siblings along with Discover 125.
  • Gearbox – All the top sellers in this segment come equipped with 4-speed gearboxes. Bajaj has plonked a 5-speeder on the Pulsar 125. The only non-Bajaj motorcycle to get this extra cog is Shine SP from Honda.
  • Ground Clearance – Pulsar 125 has a segment-best ground clearance of 165 mm. The only other motorcycle which stands this high is sibling Discover 125.
  • Fattest Rear Tyre – To go with the big bike theme of the motorcycle, Pulsar comes equipped with a 100/90 17 incher at the rear. All others offer thinner rear tyres.
  • Wheelbase – Pulsar 125 has a wheelbase of 1320 mm which is the longest in this segment. Along with a heavy weight (of 140 kg – heaviest in this segment), it adds to the highway/long road stability of the motorcycle. But that also makes it slightly less nimble in traffic as compared to its competitors.
Pulsar 125 Features

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Apart from this, it comes with Gas Charged (Nitrox) rear shock absorbers, which again no other non-Bajaj is equipped with. There is also a primary kick (bike can be started in any gear) on the motorcycle which a few others in this segment miss out on.

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At Rs 66,618, Bajaj has not kept price as the USP. You can check this infographic to get a clue of where it stands vis-a-vis the competition.