Pint-Rocket Duke 390 Now in New Black Color

November last KTM introduced black color scheme for their Duke 390 in the European markets and now the same color scheme is being offered here in India. The new black color KTM Duke 390 will be available for sale from the end of February. Duke has been selling the 390 in India in the shade of white but that did not seem to have held the buyers back. The bike has close to a 3-month waiting period from booking to delivery.

2014-390-Duke-Black-Color (5)

The good news is that you aren’t expected to dish out any extra money for going black and the 390 still goes for about INR 2.15 lacs on-road in Mumbai.

KTM launched the ABS-equipped Duke 390 in November 2012. The Bosch 9M ABS unit has been designed in collaboration with the brake specialist Brembo and the system works through a radially-bolted, 4-piston caliper on a 300 mm disc. The ABS system makes sure that during emergency braking the wheels don’t lock up and throw you and your bike into a painful and embarrassing heap.

The best part is that the ABS system is disengageable so if you happen to be on a race track or a safe stretch of tarmac, you can switch the ABS off and push the Duke for all its worth.

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A more civilized and refined brother of Duke 390 is awaiting entry into the country. The supersport KTM RC390 weighs in at just 147 kg and has an engine capable of whipping up 43 bhp. If you know what power-to-weight ratio means in motoring parlance, you can guess what these maniac twins are (and would be) capable of.

In an exclusive, we have already busted that KTM has already started testing the RC390/RC200 in India and an official confirmation that both these motorcycles will be launched within a few months in our country.

KTM-Duke-390-Pic-Review (3)

*This is the regular white Duke 390. Click pic to read mega review

We just hope that KTM whisks it up at the Auto Expo for everyone’s pleasure. Meanwhile, if you have been holding yourself back in anticipation of a naked ebony, go and get one now.

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