DSK-HYOSUNG To Roll Out a 125cc Bike in India Soon

Quite a few bombshells were dropped in the last few days, with official details trickling in about the confirmation of some big bikes slated to hit the Indian alleys and bylanes.Yeah, it was quite a busy time for us as we jabbed away at our keyboards to keep you informed about the latest upheavals like Pulsar 375, BMW-TVS Alliance and Triumph Motors‘ much-hyped Indian foray.

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Now, time for the focus to shift to the other end of the spectrum. But it doesn’t warrant a tone-down in our efforts, we still skip our breakfasts to ensure your privileged readership. Keep tuned to BikeAdvice!

The entity that’s making news now is the DSK Motowheels-Hyosung tie-up, one which has tasted a reasonable amount of success in India. Its cruiser GV650 or what we call as Aquila Pro has acquired rave reviews, and its GT 650R is also racking up good sales. Buoyed by the enthusiastic response, the Indian-South Korean amalgamation now wants to take the volumes to the next level. Led by the ruthless-entrepreneur-cum-biking-enthusiast Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, DSK Motowheels has focused its crosshairs on the volume-intensive-but-tough commuter segment of India.


In sync with our earlier reporting, they are bracing up to take a plunge into the 125 cc segment. The new 125 cc bike will roll out from a recently-acquired 100 acre facility in Karad, Maharashtra. DSK Motowheels already owns another facility at Wai near Pune. In the bigger scheme of things lies their plan to shift the entire operational responsibility from the older Wai facility to the newer one at Karad.

The Karad facility is in its nascent stages but DSK Motowheels is optimistic of shifting entire operations soon, and then expanding capacity to start assembling 125 cc machines soon. This 125 cc steed from the DSK-Hyosung stable might be exported from India to other countries in the world.



No beans have spilled on the possible 125cc bike we are talking about. However, Hyosung does sell its muscular 125cc GT125R, GT125 (naked), GV125, RT125D in international markets, all sharing almost similar engine specs. And all of these appear similar to their bigger siblings in terms of looks. So, its wise to expect one or more of these motorcycles to make way into India.


At the moment of putting together this write-up, details about the specifications and expected placement of the 125 cc bike are hazy, to say the best. We might have above-average numbers, though not definitely class-leading ones. Pricing has been the Achilles’ Heel of Hyosung, with its GT 650R facing a downturn due to the Ninja 650 R’s aggressive pricing and GT250R also getting snubbed for its high tag. We can only say that Mr. Kulkarni, MD of DSK Motowheels, would do well to learn from the tie-up’s past stumblings and try to make the pricing as eye-catching as his goatee!

With many global auto-manufacturers having made a beeline to India, the latest development adds another slice to the Motorcycle-Pie before the Indians. Hyosung has expertise in building motorcycles with displacements ranging from 125 cc – 650 cc. Most of their Indian offerings have been brawny and bulky, could their smaller siblings carry over these traits?

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Source: Autocar