First TVS-BMW Product to Be a 250cc Bike; Launch This Financial Year

TVS and BMW’s courtship is about to spawn a 250 cc motorcycle as the first joint entity, as reported by Overdrive. Synergies have worked out quite well in the auto sector, with the alliance resulting in the creation of two or more slightly different models that can be marketed with different identities. And all this takes place at a fraction of the total cost of designing a new motorcycle all-alone!


TVS, well known for its Apache brand of motorcycles, doesn’t really possess a so-called-big-bike in its inventory. BMW, on the other hand, has a 650 cc motorcycle as its smallest offering. Current turmoil in the world economy as well as ever rising gas prices have shorn the demand off BMW’s bikes. Traditionally, their bikes have come attached with a premium price tag and hence it was imperative for them to brew a cocktail of affordable performance and efficiency.

Voila! Both the auto-manufacturers realized that there was a wide chasm left to be crossed, and joined forces sometime back. It’s a win-win situation for both Beemer as well as the South-India based motorcycle manufacturer. Read on to find out how the mutual symbiosis works out!

The 250 cc-650 cc has been the area of punchy growth for quite some time now. It encompasses motorcycles which have enough zest to make every ride a fun-filled one, and yet they are not hard on one’s pocket. In fact a good 250cc bike is considered to be a good learners bike in a few of the international markets and a premium one in the Indian market.

Venu Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Motors, informed that TVS has been working on a 250 cc motorcycle which may see light by the end of this financial year. Now, with BMW on-board as well, some tweaks might be carried out by the Berlin-Boffins and if everything syncs up well the launch might speed up. If BMW gives a go-ahead to the quality of the 250 cc bike-under-works-at-the-moment. This also means we can expect a terrific quality product for us!

However, no further details are available on what segment the new bike will cater to. Will it be a sports-oriented performance bike or a comfy tourer or a naked monster.

Good news for “The Tribe”, eh? Yeah, you can expect bigger products. Sales charts of both the companies are expected to rise with the increase in portfolio. But we do have our apprehensions over this relationship, though.

We don’t expect this alliance to be as rosy as the one between Bajaj-KTM. Though BMW will share technology and expertise with TVS, and also gain benefits from the frugal manufacturing skills of Venu’s boys, both the products will be marketed in different ways. Don’t expect to walk into a TVS showroom and just zoom off on a Beemer!

We would want BMW to spread its tentacles farther from the present two showrooms they run in India. India is obviously an important market for every automaker, and this warrants special efforts.

So what do you want, a full faired muscular sports bike?

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