REVEALED: Pulsar 375 Clearer Spyshots & More Details

The tempo seems to be building up, all set to reach a staccato beat soon. Few days back, we had reported the confirmation of the Pulsar 375 by reliable media house AUTOCAR. The renderings of the frontal portion had also broken cover, but yes, it was a teaser!

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-Spypic (2)

Now, we have got our hands on the full picture it seems. It is AUTOCAR again which has done the uncovering, and the new findings seem to be in sync with what we had reported earlier.

A few more details have become clearer from the new renderings. Here they are :-

1. BACKBONE OF THE 375 – It is probably a twin-spar frame that will lend strength and stability to India’s most awaited bike. It will be assisted by an elliptical section swingarm at the rear. This is a welcome addition, and we expect this tight setup will allow the bike to put up a well-behaved show while attacking corners at insane angles.

2. TRUE-BLUE SPORTBIKE LOOKS – The drool factor has arrived! It created quite a stir because of the supposed full cowling. Now it’s turning more heads with its front-heavy looks. The fairing and the engine occupy much of the space in between the swingarm and the front forks, lending a heavy front bias to the profile. Add to that the sky-high rear cowl with split-seats and a voluptuous gap in between the tail-panel and the rear wheel, the transformation is complete!!

We feel Pulsar 375 will be instrumental in shrugging off the “power-commuter-not-true-sport-bike” tag that had been forced upon on the brand by naysayers.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-Spypic (1)

3. THE END CAN – Don’t expect it to be a bulky, shiny outgrowth like the current P220’s exhaust. We bet it will be a compact one to do justice to the sport-bike tag, and we also expect a lot more meaner tune to it too!

It will also aid in improving handling characteristics by improving mass centralization.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-Spypic (3)

We had earlier informed about the rest of the tweaks and facelifts. A quick reminder :-

  • A shared mill with the Duke 390, churning out about 40 ponies
  • Lots of tech stuff like liquid-cooling, 4-valve head, and a close ratio 6-speed gearbox. At conservative estimates, we feel acceleration will be mind-numbing and a top whack of 150 kph, if not more
  • Telescopic front suspension and Monoshock at the rear
  • Petal discs at both front and rear wheels, ABS as option
  • A compact, stylish cockpit with sporty clip-ons and lots of goodies on offer
  • Typical Pulsarian bulky tank and aircraft-type fuel lid
  • Dual headlamps, really mean-looking!

And most importantly, a typical Bajaj aggressive-price-tag! Expect it to start scorching our potholed streets by this year end.

We will keep bringing more info as it keeps flowing. Keep tuned to BikeAdvice until then!

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