If you are one of those very eagerly waiting for the next BIG thing in India, we have some more dope for you. The upcoming next wave of naked performance biking is coming to India soon. And the name we know is 2013 KTM Duke 390!

Just move over to KTM’s official site and you would be greeted by a prominent “Coming Soon to India” ticker at 2013 KTM 390 Duke’s page. These are probably the first official words about the bike coming on our land. According to our sources, Bajaj might launch the bigger KTM here in India somewhere around March next year. Similar to Duke 200, Duke 390 would also be manufactured at Bajaj’s Chakan plant.

KTM Duke 390 would be based on the existing KTM Duke 200 and there would be heavy sharing of parts to save on costs. It is powered by a 373.2cc single cylinder 4 stroke liquid cooled engine which produces adrenalin pumping power output of 44hp and a torque output of 35Nm. Another significant inclusion would be the Anti Lock Braking (ABS) system which has been long longed for on Indian bikes.

Though, we do not have any concrete clues about the pricing of the bike right now, but we do expect a pretty competitive price sticker to this bike considering the heavy localization and parts sharing it would be subjected to. So, would you like to pay Rs 2 Lac for this menace?

Also Check out full specs and promo video of KTM Duke 390


Source: KTM

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    • Have you ever driven a Duke 200 at least have you seen it pass by, if you had you wouldn’t say “Hmm, I didn’t find anything great in it”

      If the Duke 200 is such an amazing bike then most obviously more power be most welcome.

    • Why people get immense pleasure from mocking some product which is clearly not correlating to themselves in any form or is it? These irrational hatred is so absurd that makes me wonder ” did they violated this guy at childhood?.. OMG Poor soul.

      • It’s just to remind those idiot sick’s who pooped spending bucks for driving craps whilst others are offering tons better. As the name hints are you born GAY??? 😀

        Cheers to KTM for this VFM. Bravo !

      • I was planning to buy R15 but now postponed as I heard on Yamaha debut 250. Now with KTM 390 below two lakhs, there is no basis to look for some other. I am waiting for this monster. I even thought of buying cbr but riding I released it is a crap with piggy looks. It’s a Piggy bike for Pigs !

    • Another trival parasite with a nice little pea brain. This brain dead intellect doesn’t gethold of the parody lurking within the name. Not to alarm, thick heads also have rights to this blog. Let’s see now Do i hate KTM? Nope. Do i hate Bajaj? Nope! What i hate is these sadistic dimwitted nut cases with mental disorder. This types bash something they do not have any clue of, like these are the ultimate smartass Einsteins of the world. Take my advice kid. Disintegrate.

      • Another model from KTm…The present KTM is giving Indians heavy backpain and shoulder pain…Lets pray they come with a suspension which works in indian mode…

  1. KTM Duke 390 is a great bike with great pricing,but the question is that whether Indian’s are ready for this..as only youth will buy this bike..& the possibilty of misusing such a powerful bike is high..let’s hope for the best!

    • right said dude .. IMO indian kids are not ready for powerfull bikes..during my daily comute regularly i am seeing kids riding 100 – 150 CC bikes creating havoc on the roads….now give them a 400CC bike… imagine what they will do…..

  2. i am also seriously considering buying it next year. 2 lakhs price tag will be awesome. since the ninja300r and the honda cbr500r will be priced above 3+ lakhs…

    • KTM 390 is no match for the twin cylinder beasts like cbr 500 and Kawa. 300.
      KTM is just a machine with great power and giving continuous backpain after driving 2 KMS

  3. @Pulsargay LOL, funny comment with funny name!! KTM is best motorbike to cbr but cbr is good to. My brother owns a white cbr. It is high priced but will not shake in highway and smooth and reliable. KTM is best value for money cbr is best in some other ways.

  4. here is all abt 390.. its powerful bike with amazing power to weight ratio of 316 which is very high for a under 600cc segment. But downside is single cylinder which ll cause the whole engine as well bike to vibrate at high rpm. As usaual KTM with rpm controller and in addition is speed locked bike with top speed of 170 but sure less than 180 kmphr which is low when compared to the paper figures of performance. This is done for the safety reasons because of light weight bike and lack of A2 licence in India.Anyway still its a monster which propels 100kmphr in less than 6.8 sec from standstill!!And with price of around 2L(max 2.25) its gonna rock Indian roads.. Waiting here Orange Beast!!!

  5. Hope this time around Bajaj-KTM will improve the comfort level on the Duke 390. A bigger pillion seat is also required on the India bound Dukes.


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