RE Takes its Spot Back from Yamaha; But Still Behind Suzuki: Oct 20 Sales

October 2020 2-Wheeler Sales – we discuss the changing rankings after the top four; its a tough fight between RE, Suzuki & Yamaha…

Most of the makers are now reporting improved sales numbers after the COVID-19 led disruption. Most of them have shown strong recoveries, but Royal Enfield has not been gaining at that similar pace. It has in fact, ceded its fifth position to Suzuki and Yamaha. Both Suzuki and Yamaha have shown growing numbers and as a result both of them sat higher than the Chennai-based motorcycle maker in September 2020 sales.

Things have changed, however, in the month of October. With sales of 62,858 units, Royal Enfield has moved up, beating Yamaha for the sixth spot, but just by a whisker. But Suzuki, with 67,225 unit sales, has prevented it from moving to its original position. Here is how it stacks up..

October 2020 2-Wheeler Sales

RankingMakerOct 20 SalesOct 19 Sales
6Royal Enfield62,85867,538
October 2020 2-wheeler sales
Yamaha has moved away from the 110cc scooter segment and has ventured in the fast moving 125cc segment…

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As you can see, Yamaha has seen a very impressive 30.6 percent sales increment in this month, followed by Suzuki’s 1.5 percent growth. Royal Enfield, on the other hand, has shown an almost 7 percent decline in sales.

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This battle for the 5th,6th and 7th spot is getting very interesting as all the makers are trying to outdo each other month on month. It will be worth a watch to see which way does the tide swing…