Not the RT125D, But we Will Get the Bigger 250cc RT250D!

Here is an interesting one. Remember the quirky ride RT125D displayed at the Hyosung stand during the Expo 2014? No? Check it out here.


The good news is that the RT125D showcased at the Expo is going to get even better before being launched in India. reports that Hyosung has confirmed its intention to launch the RT125D as the RT250D. Yep, the puny 124cc 13 bhp unit is being chucked out in favour of the more powerful mill sourced from the naked GD250N. The GD250N, by the way, is scheduled to be launched next month (April 2014).

The boys at Overdrive got their hands on the RT125D a few days ago, and naturally, they were not really singing praises about the capabilities offered by the current 124cc four-stroker. Anyways, that’s getting fixed as we speak.

DSK-Hyosung-RT125D-pics (2)

The liquid-cooled 250cc single on the GD250N develops around 27 bhp of power with 24Nm of torque. The enduro/off-road RT125D with the present engine weighs just 125 kg dry. The bigger 250 cc engine might add a bit of weight to the bike, but the power to weight maths will still come out better.

The Hyosung RT125D comes with a 5-speed gearbox, electric start, and those moon-buggy tires. The design of this enduro/off-road bike, incidentally, is similar to Yamaha’s TW200 Dual- Sport from 1987. They still have it in production with a 196cc four-stroke engine. Hyosung would do better to hurry up with its version of an army mule – the RT125…pardon…RT250D enduro-off-road. By the way, launch is speculated to be within this year itself.

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