Auto Expo: DSK Hyosung Showcases Naked GD250N; Launch Soon; Pics & Details

Apart from the latest launched Aquila 250 and the RT125D, DSK has also kept on display their naked GD250N at the Auto Expo. If the RT125D is quirkily interesting, the other exhibit at the DSK Hyosung is, to put it mildly, an experiment that’s gone bad.

DSK-Hyosung-GD250N-pics (6)

The Naked GD250N is what you get when you let your design software elope with your imagination. What in the Hades were you thinking, guys! The bike has more angles than geometry textbooks and one can’t help wondering as to the reason why you left the wheels looking like a circle.

GD250N is the latest Hyosung to be introduced to the world. The angular, serrated naked comes with a 249cc, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine generating about 28 bhp of power at 8500 rpm and max torque of 25 Nm at 7000 rpm. The transfer case has 6 speeds. Use of alloys and light weight material means this naked is light-footed (a figure of 130 kg dry is being bandied; unconfirmed) and so the power to weight maths should make it a scorcher. But what about the looks?

DSK-Hyosung-GD250N-pics (3)

DSK is expected to bring this Hyosung to India soon, and April is speculated to be the month for now. The fact that it sports Indian MRFs is another giveaway that this vehicle is already production ready and we may see a higher localization to keep costs under check.

This naked from Hyosung’s is as enticing as the idea of sleeping with an angle grinder on full rev. It might please some, but not many. Or are we from the minority?

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