No Plans of Faired Hornet, CBR650F Sold Out – Mr Guleria: Exclusive Interview

At a recent press conference in Delhi, our Correspondent Neelanjan got a chance to interact with Mr YS Guleria, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt Ltd (HMSI). Here are some excerpts from the interview wherein he talks about Hornet, CBR650F, Livo, CBR250R etc…

Q: How has the Livo been performing so far?

A: Livo? Excellent! And why I say excellent as we had a strategy of going top down kind where we first target the top 35 towns, which contribute about 1/3rd of the total two-wheeler industry. In all these markets we have sold out the Livo. After that we have started dispatching to the new towns and till now our coverage is only limited to 85 per cent of our dealers. We have another secondary network which has not seen Livo as of now.

Q: So does it outperform the Dream series?

A: It has not outperformed the Dream series yet as the production is still less than the Dream series but yes once we ramp up let us see how it performs. Since the Dream series was revived last month, we did more motorcycle sales in August compared to the month of July. As we are approaching the season let us see how it finally lands up.


Q: Do you have any high expectations from the festive season in the 110 cc segment?

A: We do not say high expectations but we say it will be better than what so far this segment has performed.

Q: This is one question which I have always asked, can we expect the more powerful version of the CBR 250R in the future?

A: We have the more powerful 650F already launched. Right now no plans beyond… or between 250 and 650 cc.

Q: So the CBR 500R showcased at the Auto Expo is also not coming to India?


A: No it is not.

Q: Regarding the Hornet which you recently showcased. At that time you said it will be launching later this year, so when will it be launched?

A: As we said before the end of this year, so it remains the same statement, it will be launched before the end of this year.

Check Pics & Details of Hornet

Honda-Hornet-160R-Red-Pics (2)

Q: The engine for the Hornet will be the same found in the CB Unicorn 160? With the same power output?

A: Yes, same power.

Q: You do have a faired CBR 150R in the segment but can we expect a faired version (of Hornet) to take on the likes of say the Gixxer SF?

A: No, we do not have a plan.


Q: How has the CBR 650F performed so far?

A: We have already sold out the first month’s production, it is all booked. Till now we have close to 50 bookings. We have started making the deliveries now because we were holding on to the deliveries till my outlet gets the next one. This is the way we do it. Customers have already paid the Rs 50,000 advance.


Q: Do you have any target in mind for the CBR 650F?

A: By the end of this financial year we wanted to sell 200 units, so I think we are on track.

Q: And what about the mystery product that you showcased at the RevFest?

A: Ahh, let it remain a mystery..

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