No, Akula 310 NOT Launching This Year [Update]

Update: TVS has started testing the bike on the roads which makes it clear that they are preparing the motorcycle for a showdown. However, don’t get your hopes high, it will still not be launched this year, as propagated by a few blogs! As we said, Akula 310 is a 2017 candidate and in fact, Business Standard has put in a tentative timeframe to this story. They claim that Akula will be launched before the end of the present financial year. That puts the best bet before March 31, 2017 (if we are lucky enough that is 😉 )!

Original Story 6th April 2016: Of late, you may have read a lot of stories which claim that the production version of TVS Akula 310 will be launched this year and will be open for sale for bikers like you and I. However, let us clarify that the manufacturer is still far from launching the road going version of the concept motorcycle which was first showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 in February.

Our editor managed to speak with a top TVS official at the Apache 200 media ride who confirmed that they are working on a BMW G310 equivalent but it is more of a 2017 candidate. We are not sure where did this 2016-launch rumour erupt from. Work is underway for sure and while TVS may or may not unveil the production version sometime this year, actual launch and deliveries of Akula 310 will only commence sometime next year.

Akula 310 is powered by the same single cylinder 313 cc mill seen in the G310R (coming this year). The wind tunnel tested concept bike was introduced as a tribute to the company’s 30+ years of experience in the world of racing. The production version though will be losing a lot of premium features shown in the concept, the first of which may be the carbon fibre body! We wish it maintains the aggression of the concept!

TVS-Akula-310-Motorcycle-Pics (1)

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With time, it is expected that TVS will spawn many more motorcycles like adventure tourer and street fighter based on the Akula platform, apart from the sports version which is expected to come first…