BMW’s Smallest – G310R Unveiled in India for the First Time & It Looks Awesome [Auto Expo 2016]

Just a day before the Auto Expo, BMW shot in an email confirming its range of motorcycles from Motorrad that would be on display at the Auto Expo, Surprisingly, the list omitted the most important name India was waiting to witness – G310R – the smallest BMW in the world.

Developed by the Germans, G310R does have TVS inputs as well. Yesterday, TVS surprised the nation by unveiling their Akula 310 faired concept which should be based on the same platform and today, BMW has surprisingly, without any intimation, kept on display the G310R – its first unveiling and showcase in India.

Since this came without any notice, we had a word with BMW folks to understand if there is any announcement, but there isn’t any! They just say that it has been kept to understand the response of Indians. Nonetheless, since it is here on showcase, expect BMW to launch it in India in the coming couple of months.


The eagerly anticipated 313 cc pocket rocket is targeted at emerging markets such as Asian and South American countries as well as mature markets like Europe. The aim is to provide a genuine premium offering in the segment below 500 cc and this will play a pivotal role in growth of sales volume.

BMW-G310R-Pic (1)

The single cylinder liquid cooled backward tilted mill produces 34 bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of max torque. It gets a dual channel ABS as standard and a tubular steel frame. The company has already officially confirmed that G310R will be launched in India and ‘soon’ is the word they used.


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BMW Motorrad products in India are brought via the CBU route while the G310R, the cheapest BMW, will be manufactured at TVS’ Hosur facility.