Despite BIG Price Difference Ninja 300 Outsells CBR 250R

Ninja 300 vs CBR250R – Which one is selling in higher numbers and what are the revenues they earned for their makers….?

Though there is no direct competition between these two motorcycles but this quick analysis presents a nice understanding of two schools of thought here – one is from Kawasaki which updated Ninja 300, localised content and launched it at a stonker of a price; the second is from Honda which is dragging the same old CBR 250R without any changes since the last 7-8 years!

The twin cylinder Ninja 300 is priced at Rs 2.98 Lakh ex-showroom whereas the CBR 250R, after two price increments, costs Rs 1.65 Lakh and 1.94 Lakh ex-showroom for the non-ABS and ABS versions respectively. It is quite natural to believe that the much lower priced CBR 250R would be selling in higher numbers. Let us see what is happening – sample size is the last three months…

Ninja 300 vs CBR250R

MonthNinja 300CBR250R
November 2018118104
December 2018220100
January 2019186189
Ninja 300 vs CBR250R

That means that a motorcycle which costs at least 54 percent more has sold 33 percent higher number of units in the last three months. Though we will never come to know about the exact profits both the makers are earning from these motorcycles but here is how much revenue they have generated by selling them…

  • CBR 250R – 7.07 Crores (Assuming an average price of 1.80 Lakh)
  • Ninja 300 – 15.61 Crores

So, by selling 131 more units Ninja 300 earned total revenues which are more than double of the CBR 250R. Another way of looking at it is – despite its age if people are still buying CBR, there is a fairly good chance that the actual new-gen CBR which they sell in international markets would have done much better numbers.

2018 Ninja 300 Price Change
The 2018 Ninja 300 was launched with ABS and at a brilliant price…

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As an alternate Honda has introduced the CB300R which is priced at Rs 2.41 Lakh but the problem is that since it is a CKD, its production is limited at the moment. On the other hand Kawasaki has also said that the price of Ninja 300 will increase in the coming months – and with this list of five of the most awaited upcoming motorcycles the dynamics of the segment are bound to change. It will be interesting to see if Ninja continues to see more traction…