A Ninja 300 Owner Remembers His Honda CBR 250R: User Story

This user story has been shared by Nilangshu Dey who hails from Kolkata. He shares his six years of experience of the legendary CBR 250R. You can also get featured on BikeAdvice – just mail us with your story and pics at admin[@]bikeadvice.in (Remove [ ]).

What is the right motorcycle to ride across India? The one you have! I fell in love with the Honda CBR 250R when I tested one back in 2012. It is the boiled-down essence of vehicular joy – everything you need to have – the maximum amount of movable fun, and nothing you don’t.

My Rides

When Honda rolled out the 2012/13 model in a nasty Tricolour HRC, I was hooked. But it is a long story how the fun began.. I learnt riding only in 2011 and my first motorcycle was Suzuki GS 150R, a true 6-gear fun ride in the 150 cc segment. From 2012 since final year in college I was hooked onto the CBR and used to gaze at it parked in the Honda showroom in Kolkata. Then from GS to Pulsar NS200 my riding fun continued and took me to several parts of India until finally I managed to get my hands on my dream bike – CBR250R!

CBR250R user review

CBR 250R Finally!

Suddenly got an advertisement on OLX of a Tricolour beauty which was just 3000 km old! And as I said I loved this color combo. After a wee bit of bargaining finally got it at Rs 1.2 lakhs – good enough deal for a 1 year old 3000 km ran motorcycle. And here began my real riding life! 

Honda’s motorcycles are known for their reliability and engine quality. And CBR fulfilled my each and every wish. I never felt it was just a 26 bhp machine by the way it pulled. Mine is the ABS version (one negative here – pair of brake pads cost Rs 4000) and braking capability with Nissin is just outstanding.

My Rides & Experience

Throughout the next 6 years with her, I used to fed her Motul 300v 10w40 engine oil, and trust me it is the most suitable oil for CBR250R as even after 7500 km I never felt that the oil has become bad or my CBR is not pulling well. Whole day it will run stress free on any kind of roads (or no roads!). Longest run I did was Kolkata (my home town) to Vizag which is 950 km in total. My toughest ride was without doubt my post-monsoon October ‘slush ride‘ to North Sikkim Yumthang Zero point at 16500 ft with a pillion! Yes with a pillion.

CBR250R user review

That was an absolutely unplanned one, as we decided to go from Kolkata to Duars because we all were aware of dangerous road conditions of North Sikkim post monsoon. I was running on a 26,000 km old front tyre! Still I crossed one hurdle after another and my CBR carried whopping 160 kg total weight with so much ease that it was literally unbelievable for me also even after riding it for 4+ years then. Not a single time it lost its balance or grip; everything seemed soo perfectly set-up.

In those 6 years with her I rode in Northern Orissa, Vizag and South, North East, West and North Sikkim, Bengal hills and several other places along with other long & short rides. I clocked almost 45,000 km in all. As an IT guy, it was not possible for me to get more than 2 breaks max in a year. So, although I longed for more rides with her but it was just not possible because of work related limitations…

Some say that sports tourers are not suitable for extremely long rides and you may feel discomfort and pain etc. But trust me, for a (minimum) 5 foot 8 inch guy, no other motorcycle can be more comfortable than CBR 250R! Hills or plains, roads or less roads.. you will always feel on-board something that will never let you down, ever.

CBR250R user review

But one suggestion – you must not experiment servicing it at home. Honda has professional service guys for CBR who best know to solve its problems. I never faced any, except after 5.5 years one day the engine failed to come to life as the fuel injector got jammed by dust particles. German Philips headlamps had enough illumination in darkness, it was better than last LED model (of 2018).

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So people rightly call it a legend’ it has enough reasons for it. To me Honda CBR250R first time displayed to Indians the fun of efficient touring on a smooth, reliable and extremely comfortable machine. All this, at a highway fuel efficiency of over 40 km/ltr at any speed which justifies its tank capacity of 12 ltr + Reserve… A pure bliss again…

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Upgrade to Ninja 300

Now as an upgrade, I ended up buying the Kawasaki Ninja 300 Abs in 2019, but still I miss my Queen, and will continue missing her till I successfully complete few high altitude rides on my Kwacker. I don’t know what will Honda bring as a replacement of the CBR 250R, but it will be a challenge for even the company as the bar has been set very high-up!

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