Is This The Next-Gen Hayabusa For 2021?

The next-gen Hayabusa launch is expected to be relatively milder; it may get lesser updates rather than a full blown, major overhaul…

Hayabusa, from the house of Suzuki, is one of the most legendary bikes that we have known! The mothership has been on sale for over two decades now, and it has awaited update for a long time. The bike had to be discontinued in Europe in 2018, as it did not meet the Euro 4 emission norms there. However, it was always known that the motorcycle would be back eventually.

There have been rumors suggesting that Suzuki has been working on a massive upgrade for the bike. The hints included a new chassis and a heavily updated engine. They indicated that the 2021 Hayabusa would also receive a reworked 1440 cc engine instead of the old 1340 cc unit, along with a quick-shifter offering a semi-automatic, push-button operated mode.

On the other hand, the R&D team at Suzuki had hinted at a brand-new Hayabusa based on the ‘Concept GSX’ model.

However, the latest set of rumors from one of the top Japanese motorcycle magazines, AutoBy suggest otherwise. They claim that the next-gen Hayabusa will receive a relatively modest update. The magazine has released few renders of the bike that suggest how the bike could look like, in 2021.

next-gen hayabusa launch

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The next update will make the bike compliant with the Euro-5 emission norms, that are set to kick-in from January 2021, in Europe. Euro-5 criteria are very similar to the Indian BS6 emission norms. Hayabusa was an important product in Suzuki’s big bike lineup in India till it went off. So, if and when there is a new model launch, we dearly expect it to be considered for our market.

-Moin Ahmed

Source: Bennetts