Bajaj to Launch Next-Gen Pulsars After BS6

Next-Gen Pulsars launch expected from next year onwards; they are expected to wear a completely new design philosophy and significantly bettered mechanicals…

As we have reported, Bajaj has decided to carry forward its complete Pulsar line-up to the Bharat Stage VI era. Currently, Bajaj’s Pulsar portfolio comprises the older-generation models like the Pulsar 150, Pulsar 220 etc and new-gen models like the Pulsar NS200, Pulsar RS200 etc.

Basically, the obvious strategy was to replace the older-gen models with the newer-generation models, however, as it turned out, sales failed to show a shift! After multiple attempts Bajaj continued with both the generations and if you are unaware even today bulk of Pulsar sales come from the older-gen models like the Pulsar 150 (which is now offered in three different variants), Pulsar 220 etc.

It is obvious that voices for a comprehensively updated Pulsar range have become pretty common and Bajaj is aware of that. However, like others, it was/is busy with the frequent government regulation changes, including the biggest challenge of Bharat Stage VI which comes into effect from April 2020.

At the recent media ride of Pulsar 125, senior Bajaj officials hinted that currently all the centre of attention is BSVI how can the existing models switch over to the new regime at the lowest possible cost. They informed that after successful transition, focus would shift to Next-Generation Pulsars. It is not known whether they have started work on that or not, or things will kick start after they settle down with BS6.

next-gen pulsars launch
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Next-Gen Pulsars Launch

We can expect launch of newer-gen Pulsars by the second half of next year or it may spill over to 2021 depending on which phase they currently are in. We expect them to roll out one or two models at a time to gradually try and shift sales.

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Bajaj has now decided to keep its Pulsar brand broadly within the confines of 125 cc to 250 cc we may end up seeing the top of the line, speculated Pulsar 250 as well. It will be very interesting to see how the market responds to Bajaj’s new-gen Pulsars this time…