Faired Pulsar 180F vs Pulsar 220 – Sales Report Card [Exclusive]

Pulsar 180F vs Pulsar 220 sales report card – Are the findings surprising for you? More importantly, will 180F be able to continue the momentum?

Bajaj took a lot of measures to re-strengthen its position in the 150-200cc segment recently and the new Pulsar 180F was a result of the same strategy. The thought was to replicate the design of the immensely successful Pulsar 220 which will – 1) lend the motorcycle a ‘big(er) bike’ look and 2) catch buyers dropping out of Pulsar 220’s net because of its increased pricing (due to ABS).

So, how much has it helped the brand? This is very difficult to know since in its monthly dispatch numbers to SIAM, Bajaj does not share modelwise figures of the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 individually. However, in a recent press meet, Bajaj handed us a leaflet which had some very interesting topics to be discussed – one of them is this one – the sales of Pulsar 180F.

First, let us go through these numbers and we will quickly analyse how things have panned out…

First Half 2018-19 – Out of the total sales of 8585 units of Pulsar 180 and Pulsar 220, 180 stood at 1877 units whereas the 220 registered 6667 unit sales. Back then, it was only the streetfighter Pulsar 180 on sale.

Quarter 4 of 2018-19 – Pulsar 180F was present and the naked 180 continued to be on sale. As a result, total sales of these two different capacity brands (180 + 220) increased to 9644 units with Pulsar 220 remaining stable at 6614 units. However, it was the 180F which expanded these numbers by selling 2576 units.

Quarter 1 2019-20 – Pulsar 180F rose to 4487 unit sales taking the total tally to over 11,500 units. Pulsar 220 registered 6925 unit sales.

Pulsar 180F vs Pulsar 220

Pulsar 180F vs Pulsar 220 Sales – Quick Analysis

  • Pulsar 180F has added significant numbers to the overall tally. It has taken Pulsar 180’s figures to 4635 units in a quarter from 1877 units it achieved in six months (April to September 2018).
  • It was believed that, with a similar design, 180F may eat into the Pulsar 220F’s market share but that has not happened. In fact, according to the data shared by Bajaj, Pulsar 220 has only marched ahead in quarter 1 of 2019-20 as compared to its preceding quarter.
  • Pulsar 180F has, however, killed the streetfighter model. It has fallen from 1877 units in H1 18-19 to just 148 units in last quarter. But it has achieved what it was set out to do – take the tally of the brand Pulsar 180 higher!
  • Pulsar 220 remains the leader however, and it is the largest selling greater than 150cc Pulsar in the range. It generally outsells newer-gen models like Pulsar NS200, RS200 and many others.
Pulsar 180F vs Pulsar 220
The 180F is being offered in the new ‘Neon’ theme of Pulsars

Bajaj-Triumph to Make 400-800cc Motorcycles: New Update

Bajaj has already confirmed that it plans to take the complete Pulsar lineup to the upcoming BSVI regime which kicks in from April 2020. It has recently expanded the lineup with the smallest 125cc Pulsar in the range.