Pulsar 125 Split Seat May NOT Be Launched Everywhere

Pulsar 125 split seat launch may not take place all over India. Bajaj is studying its response and impact…

Bajaj has tried to attack the 125 cc segment quite vigorously in the past as well but this time with its most popular Pulsar brand, it intends to be very serious here. Apart from the ‘Neon’ edition which sits at the entry point, we recently saw a more premium version on the web (spy pics here). It has been dispatched to some dealerships in Andhra region.

We are being told by the company that this costlier version, which gets tank extensions, decals and other stuff which adds to the overall cost of the motorcycle, will be limited to few cities only for now. Basically, Bajaj is walking a tight line here – the Pulsar 125 Neon (disc) costs close to Rs 67,000 and this split seat variant is expected to overshoot the Rs 70,000 price bracket (both prices ex-showroom).

Pulsar 125 Split Seat Launch

This is where the largest selling Pulsar 150 enters in the scenario and the purpose of the lesser 125cc variant gets diluted (Pulsar 150 range starts at about Rs 71,000 ex-showroom). So, we have been told that Pulsar 125 split seat variant is, kind of, a pilot project to gauge customer response and more importantly the magnitude of its cannibalisation with the Pulsar 150 in whichever cities it currently is available in.

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Pulsar 125 Split Seat launch
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If it starts hurting the more important 150cc model, or if the response is not significant Bajaj may not expand it to other markets and either keep it limited to some cities/states or discontinue it altogether. The main focus point is the Pulsar 125 Neon with which Bajaj expects to win back the 125cc buyers from Honda and Hero.