After settling down with their products, UM India is now expanding their reach across India. They are launching dealerships in all the major cities of India and at the same time they have announced that they will introduce the long pending, range-topping Renegade Classic cruiser around May 2017, finally.

Apart from that, as you can see in these pics, another model, Renegade Mojave has also been leaked. Mojave, pronounced as mo-hah-vee (and not mo-ja-vey), is the driest desert in North America. Based on the Renegade Commando, Mojave adorns a light brown shade in matte finish which immediately reminds us of Royal Enfield’s Classic Desert Storm motorcycles.

To add to the overall theme, UM will also provide leather saddle bag (visible in this motorcycle) and some other touring-oriented accessories. Renegade Mojave will continue with the same 279.5 cc single cylinder engine which should be made BS4-compliant upon its launch. Currently, it churns out 25 PS of peak power and 22 Nm of max torque.

Renegade Mojave Launch

This appears to be a dealer preview or some kind of a similar event and hence it is clear that the motorcycle is absolutely ready for retail sales. We expect an official announcement of its launch in the coming couple of months. Expected to be marketed as a special edition, it may be priced at around Rs 1.70 lakhs, slightly over the regular Commando.

Very recently, UM has launched Roadside assistance which is a first for motorcycles in India!

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  • Kabir


    • retipser jay

      In ASIA and the western world , China’s footprint need not be found by archaeologists or dinosaur hunting paleontologist .. they are everywhere…including the marks on pakistan’s weaponry 😀 😀

  • Ravi Krishan

    Looks good, i would have chose Renegade instead of RE Classic if engine size were equal.

    • Reeto

      Engine sizes barely matter coz most 150cc engine machines are faster than a 350cc RE

      • Kit Walker

        Ha ha ha so true!Despite that it is great fun to ride these bikes especially bullet std 500 carburetted version!

  • Ravi Krishan

    Can someone post a review of Renegade commando please

  • Reeto

    Renegade cruisers are high priced and low quality………UM Lohia better up the ante in pricing their machines competitively

    • Kit Walker

      100% agree with u…quality is not good even looks are ok.

  • Kabir

    AMERICAN brand my foot. Its a Cheap CHINESE brand